Achieve three stars and win candy crush 1232 level

In a level, candy crush 1232 is based on stars. This level target is to achieve three stars. Candy crush game is most is most popular in the present world. So many peoples are playing this game regularly they increase their level. Like 1230, 1231, 1232 or more, etc. when a people reach level 1232. They must face some problem like how to play this game. How we earn one star, two stars or what is the rule of level 1232. Today I acknowledge you that how you play this game and get the win.

At a glance of candy crush 1232 level

level 1232

This stage I will show you at a glance of candy crush level 1232. This stage you will know the leading thinking of this level. The critical discussion is given only to you.

  • . Only 25 moves.
  • . Achieve 3 stars.
  • . One stars with 10000 point target
  • . ¬†Two stars with 30000 point target.
  • .Three stars with 39000 point target.
  • .bring one ingredient

So remember the tips and go ahead this level to win.

A full discussion of level 1232

The main essential things we let knew before. But now we know the entire debate of level 1232.

Play with 25 moves

Candy crush level 1232 characteristics is 25 moves. You must play less than 25 moves. So you play with timing and intellectually. You control this level under 25 moves with esprit.

Bring one ingredient


Some candy crush level 2 or more ingredients. But level 1232 follow one ingredient. if you play this level, you must perform under one ingredients. Bring one ingredient and play smoothly.

One star with 10000 points target

First, our target is 10000 points with one star. You play one ingredient and break combos. You must remove all chocolate one by one. When you removed all chocolate it will help you to gain and also help the game became more comfortable.

Two stars with 30000 points target

When you cross the first target and achieve 10000 points then your target become 30000 points for two stars. You conflict for two stars. All the cherry will have removed. If you removed so quickly, you gather points rapidly. Five color candies will be the crush.

Three-star with 39000 points target

In level 1232, this is the last star, and you must achieve three stars with 39000 points. In this level, you make fish instead of sideways stripes. To complete this level, you have to twelve honey bears collect, and fish are important. For clearing honey, you have to use color bomb/fish combos. In 15th moves, you get a opportunities moment. If you lucky you finished this level with success. Sometimes you get to mess up fish; if you touch, you get blaze better you mess up with a stripe and get two or more blaze. You get opportunity more and more fishes removed. In a short time, you removed plus fishes and candy crushed. Which candy will fire, never removed this candy. Keep the special candies.

Some people think candy crush 1232 level is complicated. But it is entirely wrong thinking. If you follow some rule and know all meticulously, then your game becomes more comfortable.

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