How To Win Candy Crush 1309 In Three Easy Steps.

Have you stuck on the Candy Crush Level 1309 ? Well, it’s natural to stuck on the level. When I was on the level, it cost a whole day of my life to clear it. Feelings of passing this beast level are not less than the feelings to cross the English Channel.

However, finally after tried a several times I have passed this level. Do you wanna know the way I have passed this? Sorry for this silly question, you definitely here get the tricks. Okay here are the kickers to get a pass on this candy crush 1309 level.

A Quick Overview Of The Candy Crush Level 1309

I could come to the point straight forward, but this might annoy you to get the steps to pass the level. So I am going to bring in front of you the difficulties and terms of this level. This will help you to follow my lead. So here you should remember these facts right below:

  • You have to convey down all the elements (two hazelnuts and two cherries) to the bottom.
  • Only thirty moves will be given to you to clear the field.
  • Your goal will set to get at least 40,000 points.
  • Finally, you have just thirty moves to do this all.

Let’s begin the game buddies.

How To Get Over The Candy Crush 1309

Enough of further talking. Grab your smartphone, and get some popcorn I am gonna take you to the main kicker, for which you have come to me.

Just ignore this: If you look closely to some of the games on the internet, you can easily find that there have some kinds of distraction in there to make you confused and make the game so much fun. In this level of candy crush is as same as the other. In the starting screen of the game, you will encounter with a conveyor belt on the bottom of your mobile screen. Don’t try to make a move on that portion. If you do so, this will be a dumb move. Therefore, this move on that conveyor belt on the below will be the waste of your move. If you put one of the hazelnuts or cherry on the bottom line, it will be so long to bring them back to the upper position.

Destroy chocolate icing: like others hard level you will find a chocolate icing on this level as well. Try to destroy the chocolate icing. This will make the falling easier for the ingredients. To remove the icing smash the chocolate of the upper level of the chocolate. Try to hit left and right, up and down to the chocolate icing to get rid of it. Once you are done with this; this will clear all of your chocolate icings, and all of your ingredients will be the nearly at the bottom level.

Do it fast: Do it all your move as soon as possible, because the running conveyor belt will move your ingredients far from your goal. Finally, try to bring the elements down. This won’t take umpteen moves to get the finish line. I hope this will finish your level.

Many of you have a crush on the candy crush, and it has so many confusing levels to pass. However, stick with us for getting the easy tricks to pass them. You can also give your formula at the comment section, or you can tell us anything about the Candy Crush 1309 level.

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