How to Complete Candy Crush 1532 level easily

Do you have any idea how many levels are there in the Candy Crush? I don’t know the answer, but assuming it as infinite. I think the developers know it because they are attaching some new on their every update. Some of the levels of the candy crush saga are so annoying that it seems it’s taking our exam.

Today I will here with another level which can take hours to complete it, and it is candy crush 1532 level. Here I will inform you about some tips and tricks to easily Complete the level. Let’s talk about how to crack the level.

The things you will face in the candy crush level 1532

How to Beat Level 1532 in Candy Crush Saga

Before completing the level, you have to keep an eye on some things. See the listing below for getting an idea of what you have to face in the level

  • You have to put down all the ingredients at the bottom to complete the level.
  • Collect at least 2,000 pints
  • Lastly, you have just 20 moves in hand to complete all of this.

Oh, sh*t I have forgotten to tell you about the ingredients. There have two ingredients, and they are hazelnut and the cherry (one each).

Let’s clear the candy crush 1532 level

How to clear candy crush saga level 1532

Make a count of the conveyor belt: When you start the level, you can notice a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt runs right. I have told this to you because this movable belt will help you to finish the game quickly. You must get the fruits to the bottom exits. The exit is located on the bottom left of the field. Both the right and left side of the area has an exit, so you have to make it possible to take those fruits on the corner of the downside.

Make your move fast: To keep pace with the conveyor make your move fast. To exit first, you have to bring the fruit on the conveyor. As you get the fruit on the belt, try to move it down as soon as possible. Don’t try to bring it down to the bottom conveyor before you got some chunky arrangement for it.

Exit the first fruit: After that as you have the fruit on the second layer try to bring it on the bottom top layer. To make the fruit finally out of the field, just wait until you can match the candies under of the fruit. As soon as possible you have a chance to match the candies, and here you get the reward. It is clear.

Time to move the second fruit: The second fruit of the level fall after you have spent ten to eleven moves. The dispenser may be blocked, so you have to clear the way to make a smooth path for the dropping of the fruit. You can follow the previous tricks to make the ultimate exit for the second fruit also.

Think you have enjoyed the tricks and make it possible to way out of the level. If you have something to tell about us or you want to tell us your tricks, just write to us in the comment below. We will talk to you. you can get Resources about this candy crush saga game get here.

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