How to passing leisure time with candy crush 1808 level

This is the best way to moving your leisure with candy crush 1808 level. Enjoy several time, and this game is always perfect for everyone. Every game have contained a significant rule, and in this way, this game also has some control. Today I will show you how are hints and condition. This level is substantial about timing. If you do not maintain schedule, you will fail to success level 1808. You always try to match at least three candy. And then step by step you will achieve your goal. You will combine ones with others candy especially the same categories candy.

Terms and condition candy crush 1808 level

  • When you start a game, you must have to know what you do or undo otherwise it is entirely impossible to complete it. So let’s see these level hidden tips;
  • . 45 jelly squares destroyed with 45 moves. First red arrow, next to blue arrow then the green arrow and purple arrow finally orange arrow here to clear
  • . all jelly have to remove. Total score 100000 point

45 jelly for level 1808

First and foremost duty of a player break 45 jellies level 1808. This level base on 45 jelly. But you must clear this jelly moves less than 45 times. So the duty must be complete. 45 jelly square destroyed and earn the point. If you move less than 45, you get a lot of time to win the games.

Five teleports have ruined these games

candi level 1808

First, you clear all red arrow candy. Next, you have to remove all blue arrow candy, and then you have to remove all green arrow candy, and the purple arrow has to clear all orange arrow candy. You maintain this serial; your game becomes easier to play. So step by step you have to remove all candy.

Makes combos and break the bricks

At least three candy makes Combos. Sometimes could not find combos candy. In this time, you make combos and break the block. It is an important matter to follow that the combos candies are some color or same candy.

Collect the ingredients and become win


When you start a game like candy crush 1808 level, collect all the ingredients. 45 jelly is collect one by one. When you are matching at least three candy you become collect one jelly and collect all ingredients. It is very simple and easy process. The game tricks and condition method is ridiculous. So everyone gets to win this game. When you are playing timely and step by step, you must win. Always you take your time to complete the game from a strategy. Every moment you must try and try to make different candies.

Different candies make extra points. This level always contains different features. The most fabulous things that this level support java, android, apple device. So you with any device. In candy crush 1808 level, all candies are free, so you play left, right, ups and downs. There are no restrictions to play it. If you create a giant candy and clear it, you will get more and more points.

At last, the game is delightful to have passed in your leisure.

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