How To Pass Candy Crush 1879 Level In 10 Minutes.

Today I will discuss with you about licorice luna episode in candy crush 1879 level. Candy crush 1879 level is licorice luna episode .The level has more rules and condition. so if you don’t know about the level, never you pass the level. There are 27 moves or fewer, six blockers four to 5 colors, only 59 spaces, required  10,000 points only. 75 icing ply have to collect.

how to pass candy crush saga level 1879

The yellow candies also have to collect .there are only four colors like orange, green blue, and purple. The first target is 10000 points and then 20000 points and finally 30000 points. When you achieve 3000 points you will gather three stars and pass the level .the yellow color candies are very significant in the level because your game depends on the three yellow candies. The three yellow candies see in conveyer belt if you are lucky. But if you are unlucky one or two yellow candies you will see.

The design of the level of 1879 is inferior in other game where lucky candy become like but this game the lucky candy became yellow candies so you will try to get lucky candy.

The object of Candy crush Level 1879 to win the Game:

candy crush 1879 how to get yellow
The level is licorice luna episode.

There are 27 moves or fewer and six blockers

4 to 5 colors

Only 59 spaces

75 icing ply

Play with a significant role in yellow candies:

candy crush yellow candy levels

  • First will have to achieve 7800 points and to get one start you also produce 2200 points . so your primary target is 10000 points
  • For two starts you must collect 20000 points
  • Finally, to achieve three starts, you must collect 30000 points
  • The level is tough

Right now I am going to discuss with you about a broad discussion of all object the object in this level :

complete level 1879 candy crush soda

27 Moves or fewer and six blockers: in level 1879, 27 moves or fewer. You will finish the level within only 27 moves or fewer. In six blockers you have to break. You have all blocker break down .wehn you break all the blocker. The blocker will turn into yellow candies. So it is a beneficial chance to get yellow candies.

4 to 5 colors:- on the other level has 5 colors candies simple, but the level is different from another level primarily the level has four colors candies there is orange, green purple and blue the rest yellow candies work as lucky candies.

75 icing ply and 59 space:  the level has 75 icing ply and 59 areas the event will finish within 59 area the 75 Ply will collect. If you manage the order, you must remove all the 75 icing. You make your time and create combine codes and remove the frosting when you generate the icing the yellow candies you get.

Luckey candies: when you get yellow candy it gives you lucky candy. So yellow candy plays a significant role to have lucky candy. There is three yellow candy in the level. If you are fortunate, you get all the yellow candy and this stage you also get lucky candy.

tips to beat level 1879 candy crush saga

Target distribution: _ This stage target is distribution in three steps  first you will achieve 7800 points and to get one star you also active 2200 point so your primary target point is 10000 star and then your target is going to 20000 when you achieve 20000 points you get two starts and finally you will conflict  for 30000 points . When you achieve  your goal, you will get three stars.

Though candy crush 1879 level is severe, if you follow the rule, you can pas the level with success.


How much icing ply to in the level?

75 icing ply to see in the level

 How much yellow candies int he level?

There are 3yellow candies.

In the level who play a significant role?

Yellow candies play a significant role in the level.

Are You Still Confused ?? here is vidoe For you

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