How to turn your candy crush 2217 level from zero to hero

I will discuss you how to become your candy crush 2217 level from zero to hero. The level locates Scrumptious Slopes episode. The level types of ingredients level. You need to collect two ingredients in the level. There are 41 moves in the level. The level has six blockers in the level. The level has some features. The features are four candy cannon. There are four colours regular candies in the level. The colours candies are orange, green, blue and purple.

candy crush 2217 level

The level has only 53 spaces. The ingredient is valued 20000 points which is equal to the primary target. The ingredients path is separated. The candy cannon may help you in the level. The sugar chests blocker can prevent any success. The sugar keys can be collected by candy cannon. The level is without booster level. Try to focus on making the striped candy.

The principal target of candy crush 2217 levels

  1. candy crush 2217 level

    It has 41 moves in the level.
    There are six blockers in the level.
    The blockers are liquorice swirl, two-layered icing, three-layered icing, sugar chests, two-layered sugar chests and three-layered sugar chests.
    The levels contain some of the features.
    The features are four candy cannon.
    The level has four colours regular candies. The colours candies are green, blue, purple and orange.
    The level contains 53 spaces.
    Keep the liquorice swirl, because you can send striped candies down of the board.
    When all the ingredients remove, the sugar crush is activating to increase the points — the level types of medium.

Target points candy crush 2217 level

Your primary target is 20000 points for achieving one star. When you complete one star then your average target is 45000 points for two stars. When you reach two stars, then your target will be 60000 points for three stars. The value of the ingredients is 20000 points which are equal to one star.
Thus, candy crush 2217 level is types of medium.


Qu:- how many colours candy in the level?
Ans:-Total four colours candies are in the level.
Qu:- how difficulty the level?
Ans:- the level difficulty is medium.
Qu:- how much worth of the ingredients?
Ans:-20000 points are the worth of the ingredients.
Qu:- which colour candy is missing in the level?
Ans:- the yellow colours and red colours candy are missing in the level.

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