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Candy crush Level 422

Candy crush Level 422 is fighting against chocolate spawners and popcorns

Candy crush Level 422 is most hard level. It makes hard in chocolate spawners. If the chocolate spawners don’t see the game becomes very easy. So this level we always try how to remove chocolate spawners. This level also has more problems. It has some popcorn. It will also remove challenges.

Chocolate spawners and popcorn have to bring down is also difficult. There are five ingredients, 35 moves or less. This level jelly bean, square, lollipop, cluster, lozenge candies are available. This level primary target 50000 points= 1 star, medium target 70000 points= 2 stars and 100000 points= 3 stars. To pass the level bring down all the ingredients.

The main rules and objects Candy crush Level 422 given below

  1. The level locates soda swamp.
  2. Five ingredients and 35 moves or less in the level.
  3. Nine chocolate spawners and three popcorn blocking in this level.
  4. Jellybean, lollipop, cluster, square candies are available in the level.
  5. Achieve three stars.
  6. One star= 50000 points, two stars= 70000 points, 3 stars= 100000 points.
  7. Always try to show your power candies will save.
  8. Two color bomb see in the level.
  9. Five hit meringues will have a crush.
  10. When you cleared all the candies sugar crush is activate.
  11. The level indicates different.

Candy crush level 422 locates soda swamp. The level is characteristics five ingredients and 35 moves, popcorns, chocolate spawners.

A short discussion about the conveyor belt

Candy crush Level 422

The levels, you should to should to play with five ingredients. You have to fight against chocolate spawners and popcorns. But it is a little bit difficult to remove chocolate spawners. You need one by one to remove chocolate spawners, and then you should remove all the popcorn. Total popcorn amount is three. By 35 moves you will have plain popcorn and chocolate spawners and all the candies.

Different candies to seen in the level

The level you have seen a different type of candies. Different types of candies work different. You should bring down all the candies. The candies are jelly bean, lollipop, cluster, and square are available in the level.

Power candies

Always try how to your power candies will save. A power candy works like a booster. So never misuse the power candy. Always try to keep them because it gives you extra points and extra benefit.

Target points and stars

To pass this level with successful you need firstly 50000 points= one star, and when you get this, you fight for 70000 points= two stars, and when you got this, you compete for 100000 points= three stars. When you hit your last target, you will beat this level.

Meringue crushed and sugar crush activate

Candy crush 422

In the level, you have seen five hit meringue; you have to clear all five hit meringue. When you explained all the candies a sugar crush is activating. A sugar crush gives extra points. It works a booster. So, we removed all the candies and then sugar crush is active.


Qu:- what do you need to pass the level?

Ans:- five ingredients bring down and total 100000 points need to pass the level.

Qu:- how many stars required in the level?

Ans:- There are three stars need to pass the level.

Qu:- what is the primary challenge in the level?

Ans:- chocolate spawner, popcorn, meringue, toffee are the primary challenge in the level.

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