A more accessible solution to complete candy crush 586 level

Today I will show you a more natural solution to achieve candy crush 586 level. This level is medium hard. So to win this game, you need a proper technique and strategy. If your method is perfect, your game must become more comfortable. There are two ingredients in the level and only 35 moves or fewer. To complete the level you will achieve 20000 points. The three conveyor belt you will find Top of the board. You should clear vertical steps. You have to make combine candies then remove them. But always you have to remember that only 35 moves or fewer you finish your game. This level has an extra benefit like which moves you doesn’t use, it gives you the bonus in your score. So if you play as soon as possible, you will get as more as the point.

The object of candy crushes 586 level

  •   Two ingredients.
  •  Thirty-five moves or fewer.
  •   Unused moves give the bonus.
  •   Firstly you should play at the top of the board.
  •  Target points 20000.
  •  This game depends on technique and luck.
  •  The level is medium difficult.
  •  It is a booster level.
  •  Color bomb, sugar crush, sweet bomb are working in the game.
  •  Total five color candies in the level like red, yellow, green, blue and purple.
  •  You get 68 spaces.
  • You get two blockers on a conveyor belt.
  • In this level, ingredients are never left or right slide.
  • In the level, sugar crush is activating and get extra points.
  • The level located in gummy gardens.
  • You must two ingredients take of the conveyor belt.
  • Let’s we know a significant discussion in this stage:-

Two ingredients and 35 moves

Two ingredients and 35 moves or less have in the level. So your full focus going on moves and ingredients. You have to use in two ingredients and less than 35 moves to cross the level.

Unused moved gives bonus

A remaining move you an additional point. Total moves only 35, if you didn’t use some of the moves, you will get them like a bonus. So an unused move is like a bonus. In this level, this is an extra benefit.

The game depends on technique and luck

The game depends on method and luck. If you play with technique you will succeed in this level. But every game depends on luck. So this game depends on luck if your luck becomes on favor you all success.

Sugar crush is activating and get extra points

When sugar crush, and it gets an extra point. So sugar crush is a booster in the level. The level also has some booster. All boosters is very useful. The level ingredients are never left or right slide. The ingredient lives in horizontal or vertical. So play with top and down.

To reach target points

In the level, you have to achieve in your target point. Your target points are 20000. So you will contact your target one by one. Finally, candy crush 586 game is medium hard. So this game plays with technique and luck.

level 586


Qu:- how much the target point in level 586?

Ans:- there is 20000 point target in the level.

Qu:- what is the extra benefit in this level?

Ans:- an unused moves gives you an extra point in this level. It is an additional benefit this level.

Qu:- who activate in this level?

Ans:- sugar crush is activated in this level.


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