Candy Crush Level 674: How to Beat A Variable Level [Complete Guide]

Candy Crush 674 level is a variable level. The level locates Crunchy Courtyard episode. The level has two ingredients. Only 35 moves and 71 spaces are in the level. There is one blocker in the level. The blocker is licorice lock. There are some features in the level. The features are candy cannon, sugar drop feature, conveyor belts. There are five color candies in the level.

candy crush 674 level

The color candies are red, green, orange, purple and blue. The yellow candy is missing in the level. To achieve one star your 1st target is 10000 points then your medium target will be 20000 points, and the final target will be 30000 points. There are many stuck in the level. There is no teleporter in the top of the board. Try to break the licorice lock first. Try to come down the ingredients into a conveyor belt. The ingredients will exit when it reaches the middle of the board.

how To beat candy crush 674 level

How To Play candy crush 674 level :the Principal Objects & Highlights:

  1. The level locates Crunchy Courtyard episode.
  2. You must collect one ingredient and one cherry within only 35 moves.
  3. In the level, the blockers name is licorice lock.
  4. Cannon candy, sugar drop feature and conveyor belt are the features of the level.
  5. Regular five color candy you can see in the level.
  6. The colors are red, orange, green, blue and purple.
  7. One color candy is missing in the level. The color is yellow.
  8. In the level have only 71 spaces.
  9. Your first target will be 10000 points.
  10. Medium target will be 20000 points.
  11. Final target will be 30000 points.
  12. When all candy removed, the sugar crush is active and get additional help points.
  13. If the ingredients fall in the conveyor belt, you must find out a better solution to rescue this.
  14. If you play quickly, you can remove the ingredients in rapidly.
  15. Try to bring down all the ingredients.
  16. As soon as possible try out the bomb.
  17. Try to get a booster.
  18. The level has many stuck zones.
  19. The level has no teleporter in the top of the board.
  20.  Try come down all the ingredients down into conveyor belt.
  21. The level indicates variable.

how to play Candy Crush level 674

Play with ingredients and moves Candy crush 674 level

In level 674, have two ingredients. Try to play with two ingredients. You must collect two ingredients within only 35 moves or fewer. Try to finish your game with success within 35 moves. Try to bring down all the ingredients and remove them. You get your ingredients in the middle of the bottom.

Target points Candy crush level 674:

To achieve the primary target, you need 10000 points. When you complete 10000 points, you will get one star. Then, To reach the average target, you need 20000 points, and when you achieve this, you will get two stars. Finally, your target will be 30000 points. When you reach the target, you will get three stars.

After all, candy crush 674 level is variable level.

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Qu:- how much ingredients in the level?

Ans:-Total two ingredients in the level.

Qu:- how difficulty the level?

Ans:-the level difficulty is variable.

Qu:- how much color candy has in the level?

Ans:- there are five colors candy in the level.

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