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How to Pass on The Candy Crush 963 Level

How to Pass on The Candy Crush 963 Level

For the enthusiast people like me out there again I am here to talk about another hard level of the Candy Crush game. It’s been a while since I am playing this game. Now I am kind of addicted to Candy Crush 963 Level. After finishing my every day’s routine work, I play this game. Frankly speaking, this is the only company I have got on my leisure.

Today I will tell you about the level 963 of the candy crush. I was stuck to this level for some days, and after trying for several days, I have got the way to cross this level ease. In this article of mine, I will tell you how to pass this filthy level. Without, further bluffing let’s hop into the candy crush level 963.

What you will face in the Candy Crush 963 Level

Before starting the game definitely, you have to know about the level term. In the 963 level, you have to score at least 40,000 points and take down one cherry and one hazelnut. To do all of it you will get just forty-five moves in your hand.

Tricks for Solving The Candy Crush 963 Level

From the first move of the playing you have to attempt to push the preliminary cherry and the Hazelnut that stuck with a column to the middle line with a gap. This particular move will help you to take them down smoothly to the ground. Now move the Hazelnut onto the transporter. This time don’t make a further move until you can find the path to push it down.

Have you completed to this? Well, now come to the second step.Gradually, I will take you to the end to finish it quickly. Now grab your phone and swap the candies and try to clear all the icing. This individual move will make the ample space so that you can quickly make the different candies. With the special candies you can match the bombs, and you will be able to disarm them.


Puzzle out to make the special candies as many as possible. The individual candy is the key to pass the level fast and efficiently. Try to make a special candy from the five ordinary candy, remember these candies have to be the same color. Then mix this rare candy with the previously talked especial candy. These combinations of those two types of candy will emphasize their effect and will bring your score up.

When there you get a chance try to match the candies near the bottom of the field. By making this move probably, you will make the opportunity to shift a significant amount of sweets. Generally, this creates often a chain reaction, and in the Candy Crash game, the chain reaction means a bunch of opportunities to get the free special candies.

While you are making the special candies, don’t forget about the cherry and hazelnut. Try to bring them down when you got an opportunity. I hope these easy tricks will help you to pass the annoying level 963 of the candy crush.

It is common that you got some different ways to pass this level. If you want to share your tricks, please leave a comment below about candy Crash level 963.


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