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An Overview of Candy Crush All Games

The Candy Crush All Games are the successful freemium model games. Thus, you can play the full game without spending a single penny. It’s a game throb for the game lovers in today’s gaming world. Moreover, it’s the sweetest game where you can experience different sweet adventures in the wonderful Candy Kingdom.

So, to know more about the overview of the Candy Crush All Games, you can read below:

Information on Candy Crush All Games at a glance:

Developer: King

Publisher: King

Platforms:  Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone Store,

Microsoft Windows, Amazon Appstore, Linux

Release date: Browser:

April 12, 2012


November 14, 2012


December 14, 2012

Fire OS:

December 11, 2014

Windows Phone:

September 6, 2012

Microsoft Windows:

July 29, 201



To be very specific, candy crush was the original versus game on the King portal. Later on, it was converted into Facebook and mobile game. At that time Saga was added with the candy crush.

Now, the King is releasing Candy Crush All Games one by one with new episode and levels. But the first release of the Candy Crush mobile version was in 2012 for the iOS and Android. The company allows the user to get full synchronization of the Candy Crush All Games with the Facebook version. Firstly, it was quite difficult to offer the progress synchronization and gameplay interface between PC and mobile version. Moreover, the game elements were getting smaller while switching from PC to mobile version. But finally, they made it possible. At the same time, they did synchronization when playing in offline mode.

Later on, they expanded the Candy Crush All Games by adding new levels in each episode. Thus, by September 2016, the King released 2000th level for the Candy Crush All Games to celebrate the long mileage.


Here the core gameplay is the match tree game. You’ll swap any 2 adjacent candies to match at least 3 matching candies. Thus, the matching candies will vanish, and the above candies will fall into space and new candy will appear from the top of the board. Moreover, matching of 4 or more candies will create a special big candy which can vanish the entire row or column while matched. This is how the game progresses forward.

Characters of Candy Crush All Games

While playing, you will notice various characters acting their roles in the game. Tiffi is the main character. Her full name is Toffette. Mainly, she solves the problem and completes all the levels one by one. Besides, in Candy Crush All Games, you’ll get Mr. Toffee, as the instructor of the game who introduces each level at the beginning. Again, Kimmy is the main character of Soda Saga. She is a 10-year-old young girl.

In addition, other characters are- Benny, Bubblegum Troll, Milly, Mr. Yeti, the owner of Yeti shop; odds, Misty, Tommy, Ghirahim and many others.

Sequels of Candy Crush All Games

The sequels of the Candy Crush Saga are-


The Candy Crush Saga Offers the new gameplay dynamics. Moreover, it’s the direct sequels of the Saga series. Again, it’s available on Facebook, iOS, and Android. It was first soft-launched in May 2014. Besides, you’ll get tons of special candies, new features, and different level types.

The Candy Crush Jelly Saga is the new version for iOS, Facebook and Android released in November 2015. In addition, it was released worldwide in January 2016.  Here, for spreading the jelly, you need to match three jellies. The levels here are very challenging.



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