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candy crush boosters

How to use candy crush boosters

A booster is always useful. if win candy crush game, candy crush boosters are plays a vital role. We do not play that game we have a helper our game becomes more comfortable. So when you play it, if you have to needs a booster and you know how booster is boosting you. You take its help.

Candy crush has many boosters. By changing level, the boosters have changed. There are many boosters like a color bomb, jellyfish, coconut wheel, lollipop hammer, extra moves (+5 ), striped and wrapped booster. All booster works indifferently.

A sum and substance of candy crush boosters

daily boster wheel

A booster is always boosting. Different booster gives a lot of points to increase. Right levels required a booster to pass it. Lets we know about the booster

  •     Different colors candy removed by color bomb
  •     Jellyfish is a booster
  •     Coconut wheels help to break candy easily.
  •     Lollipop hammer is a very useful booster
  •     Extra moves give (+5)
  •     Extra times gives an additional 15 seconds
  •     Striped and wrapped booster use in arrayed
  •     Lucky candy gets only a little
  •     Bubblegum troll is the funniest booster
  •     Sometimes you get free switch booster

The stages we know about a substantial discussion all types of booster;

color bomb

A color bomb is very helpful. When you get a color bomb, it removed different color candy. This one booster helps for all kinds of candy. In 15th level booster is unlocked


boster unlocked

When jellyfish comes, it removed three jellies at random. The jelly levels, the jellyfish is very useful. This level is a great trick. You should jellyfish used an end of the level. If you follow this, you must get the better result.

Coconut wheels

The coconut wheels is a purple circle and with a black middle. When activating coconut wheels, it crushed 32 combos candies. After the 15th level, you will use it. So if you wish to use it, you must go 15th level upper. It is a daily booster and a great booster. It also removed whole column candy.

Lollipop hammer

The lollipop hammer is an attired booster. The lollipop hammer will crush a lot of candies. The booster is a paid booster. If you could you buy it. So if you buy it, you must pay it 1.99$. If you purchase and use it, you can crush a lot of candies.

Extra moves give (+5)

Extra move is a great booster. An additional moves gives you (+5) moves. So when you get a booster like extra moves, you get also (+5) moves. So do not miss the booster.

Extra time

candy crush tips

Extra times is always an additional benefit. When you get an extra time booster, you get an extra 15 seconds. So an extra 15 second you can be playing and crushed different candies. It works for timed.

Striped and wrapped booster

Striped and wrapped booster used in the array. When you get stripped and wrapped booster, you are playing at a time with two boosters. It works cleared row and column. So striped and wrapped booster is a double benefit booster

Lucky candy

Lucky candy means luck. So luck does not see every time. It is activated sometimes. It gets only a little. When it enabled, it worked.

Bubblegum troll

Bubblegum troll is the funniest booster. It works with the comic. It looks amusing. Its color is purple, and it has some teeth with two eyes. It seems like bubblegum. It found after 156 level. So when you reached 156 level, it worked for you.

Free switch booster

Free switch booster is a useful booster. It gives use to an open switch. You touch with a free. So it is very favorite booster.

Thus, all booster works very beautifully at a different level and step. So we should use it properly.

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