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Candy Crush FAQ on Gameplay

Candy Crush FAQ on Gameplay

How do you earn points?

Whenever you match three or even more candies of the same color, they burst and also you win points.

What do I must do to complete a level?

You must do a couple of things to complete an even:

–        Gain enough factors to earn at least one celebrity.

–        Complete the task that is defined in the beginning of the level.

Candy Crush FAQ on Sugar Crush Rewards

What is Sugar Crush?

In the event that you still have steps or special candies left over by the end of an even, you’ll get a bonus report (Sugar Crush) for carrying out so well.

What are Aweet, Tasty, Divine and Delicious?

After you make a match, a number of candies will collapse into the gap space left by the initial sweets. In the event the slipping candies form a series of matches, you will see words like ‘Sweet’, ‘Tasty’, ‘Divine’ and ‘Delicious’ seem on the panel.

Candy Crush FAQ on Game Rewards

What exactly are Special Candies?

Matching three candies of the same color is the easiest way of earning score. More technical match combos produce Special Candies that may be mixed with interesting results. A few of these special combos include:

–        Matching four candies in a row or column to make a Striped Candy.

–        Transitioning a Striped Chocolate with several candies of the same color to clear a whole row or column of candies.

–        Coordinating five candies in a T or L condition to make a Wrapped Candy.

–        Matching a Wrapped Candy with several candies of the same color to build an explosion, which takes out all the candies in a 3×3 grid surrounding the Wrapped Candy.

–        Corresponding five candies in a row to make a Color Bomb.

–        Merging a Color Bomb with any chocolate of any color to clear all the candies of this color!

–        Matching any Wrapped Chocolate with any Striped Chocolate to make a giant Super Chocolate which clears multiple rows and columns over the board.

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