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An Overview of the Characters of Candy Crush Game

An Overview of the Characters of Candy Crush Game

The candy crush game is now the heartthrob of the game lovers. While playing candy crush game, you will encounter various characters who have the particular role in the game. Therefore, I’ll be giving here an overview of the characters to introduce them.

The characters of candy crush game

Mr. Toffee

Mr. Toffee is the instructor of the game and introduces each level at the beginning. In the candy crush game, he’ll help you out the way when you find difficulty. Besides, he gives power up tips when you face trouble. He is also the adoptive father of Tiffi and Kimmy in the Candy Town


She is the role model of the game in the candy crush game. When you play the game, actually you’re controlling Tiffi. Her full name is  Toffette. She is a blonde squat girl. She is very happy when you pass each level but cries if you fail. At the starting of the candy crush game, she is introduced in the Candy Town.


Kimmy is a 10-year-old young girl. She is the main character of Candy Crush Soda Saga. She starts her journey in the soda world to find her sister Tiffi.


Benny appears in the Easter Bunny Hills, Twilight Egg, Charming Carnival, Sweet Surprise, Candy Calaboose, Twilight Tulips, etc. Tiffi first meets him in 66 level of Easter Bunny Hills where he gets stuck in the chocolate. Finally, Tiffi saves him by blowing the bubble gum in the candy crush game.

Bubblegum Troll

He is the main rival of Tiffi in the Candy Crush Saga. In the beginning, Tiffi meets him when he steals all her candy in Bubblegum Bridge. In different places he made difficulties. For example-  in Sweet Surprise from the cake as a surprise, in  Pudding Pagoda for destroying cat’s pagoda, in Butterscotch Boulders for blocking the train’s ways towards chocolate. Besides, you’ll get him in the  Peppermint Palace, in Biscuit Bungalow with a new look, in Nougat Noir with gold, in Marshmallow Mountains with making a trap, etc.


You can encounter her in the in Savory Shores as underwater twin in candy crush game. Again at Coral Corral where Tiffi and she ride some seahorses.

Mr. Yeti

He is the owner of the Yeti shops in the candy crush game. You can buy gifts and boosters. He appears first in the  Chocolate Mountains where Tiffi wakes him up by shouting. He reappears in the Toffee Tower where he again gets asleep. Mr. Yeti introduces time level. You can also encounter him in Aurora Chocorealis.

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Odds is the mascot of Dreamworld. He balances and flaps happily on the moon scale. Moreover, he carries Tiffi off to Dreamworld. You’ll have to balance the scale in the entire level.  The candy crush game will shout out ‘Moon Struck!’ when the moon is golden.


You can see her first at Minty Meadow where she needed a horn. Moreover, she reappears in different places to burst the bubble with the horn or doing the dreamy palette-swap in the candy crush game.


He introduces the jelly level in the candy crush game. Firstly, you’ll encounter him in Pastille Pyramid in a locked condition. Again he is seen in Dizzy Dessert later on. Moreover, you’ll find him juggling a rat and some balls.


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