How You Pass The Candy Crush Gold Bars? With Tips And Tricks

There are many levels and many different types of stages in Candy Crush Gold Bars. Every level has different characteristics. Some level you must collect ingredients, some level you need to collect different types of colors candies. Some of the level you need to remove the jellies, blockers and some of the level you need to collect target points.

In candy crush, gold bars level has own characteristics. You have to finish this level on gold bars own rules. Many people are addicted to  Candy Crush Gold Bars level. The game is completely free. You can install the game free and will play. In the free version, you can use only some identification item. If you buy in paid version you will play a lot of items and with an additional item, you can play smoothly and can pass the level. In the free version, you get only five items but in the paid version, you will get many items that are very efficient to pass the level with success. In the paid version you will get addition moves, many important boosters, special candies.

Candy Crush Gold Bars View Items

Look at the view items. In the free version, you get 5 items. After taking paid version you can see additional items the top of left sides. You get 30 minutes to count down. After 30 minutes, the game change into the next level.

Listens 30 Minutes

You know that the level of longibility is 30 minutes. To finish the level item you need listens 30 minutes. If you use all free item then you wait for 30 minutes for a new life. To get all the items you need to wait for one and half hour times.

Play In Time

In gold bars level you must play with time. Time is the main factor. If you do not maintain your time you will fail at the level. The gold bars level may be confusing you. But you must do this. If you want you should go to the mobile time setting. You can play your stop Watch for one and a half hours. So before your time limitation, you can complete your game and success the five items of the level.

Ask Friend About The Candy Crush Gold Bars Level

If you face any problem, you can ask a friend about the level. A friend can give you a new item is completely free. If you want to more free life you will start a new window. In a new window, you can see a banner. The banner is written in “ask a friend”. If you face a problem you can press the “ask Button” for help. In this button, you can see a lot of friend list. You can choose any friend for help. Click friend name and then press plus button. Then send him a to request him. You should remember that one friend can help you in one time and one friend can save your life in one time. So remember that which friend gives you a free life. The all process you get in facebook logo.

Gives Life To Friend

You should give life to your friend. Because when you give life to your friend, if you face a problem they will help you. When you request your friends to help you. You will be surprised how many friends will back your life.

Use The Daily Booster Wheel

Candy crush gives you to use the daily booster wheel. Start the wheel. In the main board, you can see a bubble the right downside, it is the part of a wheel. To get daily booster wheel press the bubble button.

Use Booster

Before the starting of the game, you should decorate the board. You need some booster. So decorated the booster into the board. There are different types of boosters. Some boosters are free and some are paid. The free booster may be changeable. When you need to use booster you should press “booster Play” button.

Types Of Booster in Candy Crush Gold Bars

Some boosters you can see in the level. You can see all the booster very clearly. To access the booster you need click the top right button. After pressing the button you can use the booster. The free booster is limited so you should use them very wisely and carefully.

Stop The Wheel

If you do not play the game you need to stop the game. When you need to stop the wheel, you should press the ‘stop’ button. You will find the stop button in the downside of the board. Wait to untile the wheel completely stop.

Wait For Prize

When the wheel completely stop and the arrow point then the booster represent the board. You get the prize on this day which day you use a wheel. The whole task complete and represent by boosters. Each day you can see a winner. To collect the booster press the “Claim Prize” button.

Collect The Ticket

Ask your friend about the ticket. When you reached the next step of the locked level you can not pass the step without a ticket. To get help and how to get a ticket, you can ask the friend. If you are lucky your friend may help you. You need three tickets from three types of friend.

When you face the locked level press the “ask Friend” button and then choose a friend in your friend list. You can send a request as more as you can. Because you need to collect the ticket as soon as possible. This is the best way to collect the ticket.

Check Your Ticket Status 

After sending a request to your friend you should check your ticket status. To press the “train icon” you can check your ticket status. You can see who gives you a ticket and how many tickets you get. After getting the ticket you can check whether this ticket works at the next level. When you get all the ticket you can unlock the next level. Then keep playing.

When you reach the unlock level you should follow the previous level and previous rules. You should repeat the previous level.

How to Use the Candy Crush Gold Bars

The golden bar is virtual currency in candy crush game. Some of the level you need golden bars. In a certain gold bar, you get in free. You can sell the gold bar to purchase the booster. You know that in candy crush every level you must need the booster. So if you had booster you can use when you needed. If you did not have enough gold bar you must purchase the gold bar in genuine money. So try to get a gold bar. The gold bar is a certain booster. This boost normally uses in safe to live, to cross next level, boost your level, to stop the level.

When you get to reserve a lot of gold bar you can purchase a lot of boosters. The booster helps to boost your level, remove the blockers, helps to get additional points. When you reach the CCS you can break the gold bar. In CCS, if you did not have any gold bar you must purchase the gold bar instead of genuine currency. If you want to IRL in CCS you do not back your money or Currency. So play very sharply and wisely.

Facebook Gives You Free Booster

The daily spin wheel gives you a free booster. Moreover, in candy crush application, you get some the free boosters. To get some of the free boosters you should log in facebook and play repeatedly. In this case, you do not get repeatedly boosters. Because in facebook version thinks very easy to play. When you stuck a certain level the facebook version may help you.


You Can Easily Buy Booster Through Facebook

here can easily buy booster through facebook. You can buy a gold bar through facebook. Normally you can purchases the gold bar through iPhone or iPad within $2. You have to purchase 3-5 gold bar in $1. so purchases through the gold bar as more as you can. You can collect them and when you need you can buy booster through a gold bar.

To Remove The Bomb Use Booster

Normally you should try to avoid to bring the bomb. But some of the level you cannot avoid them. To remove the bomb you need a booster. The booster can remove any types of bomb. Some of the level you can see jellies. So you need to remove the jellies to use a booster. After removing the jellies you can remove the jellies. Some bomb is very useful. Some are helping to get additional points.

Use In Move To Remove The Jellies

Sometimes you need to remove the jellies to use moves. You can see double jellies and single jellies. Sometimes to remove the corner jellies is very hard. So you should use moves to remove the jellies. In any level, there are limited moves you have. So you must use them carefully otherwise you fail in the level. To use some of the moves you need to remove all jellies. You can combine the special candy like a booster to remove the jellies.

To Remove The Licorice You Can Use Striped Candies

Some of the level you can see licorice. The licorice hinders any level. So you should break the licorice as soon as possible. To break the licorice the striped candy helps a lot of. Only the striped candy is able to break the licorice. You can make vertical striped candy to remove the rows of licorice. You can also make horizontal striped candy to remove the column of licorice.

Don’t Forget To Collect the Daily Spin

The daily spin is very effective at any level. To get candy crush boosters the daily spin is very useful. To use daily spin you can get a gold bar or booster if you are lucky. You can reserve them so make sure that you can collect them.

Combine Wrapped Candies And Coconut Wheel

If possible try to combine wrapped candies and coconut wheel. You can break any obstacles to combine wrapped candy and coconut wheel. To remove the candies and blocker, it is very important to know where the coconut wheel faced.

What Is The Importance Of Candy Crush Gold Bars

At present, the gold bar is very popular among the candy crush game user. Who knows about the gold bar, they can try to get a gold bar. The gold bar plays a vital role at any level. When you face a problem or you will lose your lives, the gold bar helps you and save your lives. If you play in the Facebook version you will get the extra benefit and you can also help your friends. If you needed your friend can help you. Within gold bar, you can purchase any types of a booster, times bar or switch bar or anything. As a result, you will use them in a proper way and pass the level immediately.

Difficulty Of Candy Crush Gold Bars

Every time you do not get a gold bar. If you cannot collect the gold bar, you do not get additional boosters. If you want you can buy a gold bar. Though the gold bar is a virtual currency in the candy crush online game if you want to buy you must pay genuine money or currency. Some people are not interested to lose his genuine money so hey face problem to play it. In the Facebook version, you will buy at a lower cost. So you can try it at least at once. Enjoy the game and play with strategy and get success in candy crush gold bar episode.

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