Follow New Strategy And Formula, Candy Crush jelly Cheats

Always try to play how candy crush jelly cheats. When you play any candy crush level, you must try how to jelly cheats. In candy crush game has different level.  Each level is different from another level. But every level objects are same. Try to follow the cheats in every level. Use cheats at every level you must follow some formula. If you do not follow the method, you will not achieve the level.

The primary strategy and technique of candy crush jelly cheats

  1. Try to make special candy and remove the jelly.
  2. Choose your move wisely.
  3.  There is much special candy in candy crush game. They work in different. The individual candies are striped candy, wrapped candy, candy fish, color bomb, coconut wheel, coloring candy, and others.
  4. Striped candy is a special candy. It works match four in a row.
  5.  Wrapped candy makes T, L or A shapes within five candies.
  6. Candy fish make a square shape in four candy.
  7. Color bomb makes combine five candy in a row.
  8. Coconut wheel converts into three striped candies.
  9. Coloring candy makes combine six candy in a row.
  10.  striped and wrapped candy and create a giant to remove.
  11.  striped and color bomb candy to convert to make a special candy.
  12.  three striped candy and jellyfish to activate the special candy.
  13.  striped candy and coconut wheel to make six special candy.
  14.   candy to makes the board go boom.
  15.  color bomb to change every candy in the same color.
  16.  and jellyfish to make three wrapped jellyfish.
  17. wrapped and coconut wheel it turns an entire row.
  18. Combine color bomb and color bomb to make the hole explode.
  19. Combine coconut wheel and coconut wheel to activate the special candy.
  20. Every level you get colors candy. Try to make combine and remove them.
  21.  bring down all the ingredients.
  22.  remove the blockers.
  23.  remove all ingredients onto the conveyor belts.
  24.  finish the game within certain moves.
  25. Don’t misuse the moves.
  26. Focus on your target.
  27. Take your time and complete your level within your time.

First focus color candy

Your primary focus would have color candy. Try to make the same color candy combine. When you combine them try to remove. Make combine five candies and removed them. Then combine 4candies and removed them. Then mix 3 candies and removed them. If possible, try to make unique shapes like L, T or V shapes and combine them.

Target points

Every level has a different target. To pass the level, you must achieve target points. The target points are part into three steps. The first step completed one star, second steps are to achieve two stars, third steps achieved three stars.

After all, if you follow this, you can achieve candy crush jelly cheats.


Qu:-  what is the main cheats in the stage?

Ans:- the booster is the main cheats in this stage.

Qu:-  tell one formula in the stage?

Ans:- choose your moves wisely.

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