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candy crush level 130

7 Result Driven Tips and techniques for candy crush level 130

The Candy Crush level 130 remains the 5th phase in Wafer Wharf. It is also known as the fifth candy order stage. Players will have striped candy combinations plus three striped candy in fifty movements or fewer step pass this amazing level. Candy Crush will be activated immediately when you complete the level and provide More points. Is your quest for how to overcome the Candy Crush level 130? The techniques and tips in this content will show you simple ways to pass level 130 quickly.

Candy Crush Level 130 Important Techniques and Tips:

  1. The main objective of players is to ensure that 2 striped candies should be swapped five times. In this

Game, it is important to know that the double striped candy combination remains the least helpful crucial combo.

The truth is that players will always be struck with these double striped candy combinations. This level should be viewed as buddy cop film where an actor is grizzled. A world class detective will have to cooperate with the crazy rookie temporarily.

  1. From the upper left to the bottom right, the level 130 is designed in a diagonally-based grid. This means the normal square board will lack up to sixteen squares after removal. Without any scintilla of doubt, it will produce a plethora of ends that are complex to make matches, thereby making the level more difficult.

    Candy Crush Level 130

  2. It is wise not to waste strategies in creating any unique candies apart from the striped ones. At this

Juncture, players will not get any support from wrapped candies. This is because wrapped candies are

Included in the level goal, Ensure to create a normal old match of three it remains the only option accessible on the board.

  1. With matches that often cause vertical explosions. It is better to work from the bottom. It will help to increase your opportunities at achieving large matches. This recommendation should be taken with a grain 0f salt. Remember that the candy crush level 130 only contains five colors of candy. Except the purple jujube, every candy varies.

In this case, Players are likely to experience a gamut of cascades. Which remains a double-edge sword located on one of your hands? With cascades, it will be lot easier to create chances for striped candy generation. Cascades can lead to a waste on your hard work by activating striped candies. Cascades should be established earlier and put to an end after accumulating one or two striped candies.

Candy Crush Level 130

  1. Once a striped candy is accumulated, it is best to work below or above it. This will help you create more other striped candies. For the already existing striped candy you have accumulated. Ensure to work closely with it as possible.

Applying this strategy will help to minimize the work of players when aspiring to accumulate more striped candies with adjacent position. Striped candies are highly useful and effective when they are by each other because it helps to finish the combination.

  1. The objective of the level 130 can be achieved by creating a striped candy and a combination of a color bomb. A striped candy that remains activated through an explosion of another likely element is not considered as a combo itself or in the move in form. To progress, players will be recommended to join 2 striped candies together.


  1. While in the corners. Players should not try to make matches. Studies have shown that the process of

Moving candies out and into comers remain a difficult task. On this note, moving candies toward the center of the board is a great strategy players can adopt. For the most liberty possible, it is advisable to focus your attention on the actual middle point.


It is a difficult task when trying to create unique candy combinations. Putting candies next to each other will help you make special combinations without any difficulty. Players should always plan their move upfront to prevent making a combo accidentally. If your quest is for collecting crucial candies, then ensure that they are formed in the right way.

Do not waste more time in creating unique candies that will not satisfy your curiosity 0r orders. Players that like creating wrapped bombs should go straight with the process rather than making striped candies. To get rid of candies that you do not want, simply make use of color bombs.

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