How to Beat on Candy Crush Level 1334?

Here comes the level of luck in the Candy Crush. When I first played this level, I spent two days to complete it. It was a devil one. How much I tried to clear the jellies, the spawned chocolates were covering up the whole candy frame. But after several tries and experimenting some techniques, I was able to beat the Candy Crush level 1334.

How to Beat candy Crush Level 1334
How to Pass candy Crush Level 1334: With Tips, Tricks and Cheats

The combined magic mixer and chocolate spawner have made the level very much tricky. Still, when I try to play this level, I have to work 5 to 6 times. I don’t know why this level of Brulle Bay takes that much tries. Somehow, I have managed to draw up some techniques for cracking up this level.

Some Important Notes on Candy Crush Level 1334 to Remember Before Playing

  • There are total 36 moves.
  • 36 jellies which generally take two strokes cover up the whole candy frame.
  • There is one magic mixer is combined with the chocolate spawner.
  • The combined spawner and mixer make the games challenging.
  • The magic mixer alters its next candies to chocolate.
  • The chocolate spawner imprints the surrounding chocolates one by one after each move.

Tricks & Tips to Complete the Level 1334

tips to complete Level 1334 candy crush with Reality
Candy Crush 1134: Tricks and Tips with Reality

Crush the Candy from the Lower Part: The best strategy of leveling this level is playing from the lower part of the frame. Try to heat the Magic mixer at first. If there is no other option, go to the upper portion. But you have to keep in mind that the move must affect the lower rows. Otherwise, you will only waste your moves, and the moves are costly at this level.

Destroy the Magic Mixer: You have to hit five times to break a magic mixer. Yes, five times which is just not right. It makes the mixer indestructible sometimes, and they fill up all the candies. So, try to break candies adjacent to the mixers or throw some special candies on them in each level. I know doing that is pretty much hard.

Clear the Spawned Chocolate:

candy crush saga level 1334 cheats

Never leave chocolate block alive. Try to squeeze the chocolate block at each move. If you play from the lower part, it would not be a difficult task to do so.

Make Special candies at right Place:

Try to make special candies as much as possible. But be careful about spawning them at the right place. Suppose, you have made a striped candy at the column in which you have broken the magic mixer before. If you do so, your one special candy goes in vain. Do that even If you need to take two or three moves to spawn them correctly. 

Make Combination of Two Special Candies:

in combo level try special candies chocolate bomb
In the combo level: You should try to connect special candies chocolate bomb

This level is a combo level. Everything is a combined form. Jellies, mixer, spawners all are in a combination. You should also treat them combinedly. Try to connect two special candies chocolate bomb and wrapped candies or wrapped and striped candies. This technique will make the level very easy. However, most of the time, we don’t get that much luck of having 5 or 6 combos.

The Last word on Completing Level 1334!

Last, of all, this levels mostly depends on luck. Try to follow the strategy, and you may finish the Step quickly.

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still confuse? you play the candy crush level 1334 but no booster or walkthrough? if you need more tips to complete the level, hint or help then please make a comment. we will try to give you the solution.

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