How to Beat Candy Crush Level 1374 with Tips and Tricks

Do you want to know how to play or Beat Candy Crush Level 1374? Here our guide, tips, and tricks to Pass the level 1374 easily. Candy Crush Saga level 1374 took one day to be crushed. This level was so much hard and irritating that I had to play it 15 times. Each match was different than others. At first, those cherries were floating on the upper lines. After a while, my cherries were at the right place, but I could not break the center shells. Horrible!

In the last few matches when I thought that I was pretty much skilled which I was not actually. I could break only the shells lowering the cherries but always ran out of the moves. The day was really a pain. But in my 14 and 15 no. match, I could complete the level only in just 30 to 40 moves. Pretty cool, right? So, what did I follow then? That is what I will try to explain here.

Some Important Notes on Candy Crush Level 1374 to Remember Before Playing

how to beat candy crush level 1374

  • Level 1374 is one of higher medium-hard levels on Candy Crush Saga.
  • Two red-hot cherries have to be executed with the exit gate.
  • The cherries have to pass a lowering passage which is blocked by five three layered-shells to enter in the exit passages.
  • There are two exit passages in the bottom part of the candy frame.
  • The exit passages rotate in face to face direction at one candy speed per move.
  • Each exit passage holds one entry gate and one exit gate.
  • There are total 50 moves which makes it the trickiest to complete the level.

Tricks & Tips to Complete the Level 1374

Tips to Complete the Level 1374

You have already known the trickiest points about the level. So, following the tips and getting along with the tricks will not be very difficult.

Crush the Candy from Upper Part: Most of the players start to break the candies from the passage region from the first moment. But to me, it is a waste of moves. So, try to break the candies from the top parts.

Break the Blocks: Try to mesh the shell blocks. The blocks are of three layers. So, they are pretty hard to crack. You will find a good result if you try to crush the candies from the two columns of each side of the blocking column.

Try to Make Special Candies: Some guys go without making special candies. However, this level needs a whack full of special candies. So, try to make special moves with the candies of center columns.

Keep Patients About the First Cherries: It is a big mistake to try to bring the cherries at first ten moves. Use your first ten moves to break the blocks. Then the cherries will come by themselves. Do not move the cherries when they appear. Try to take them on the lowering passage.

how to solve level 1374 in candy crush saga

Keep in Mind the Move Numbers:

You have to keep at least seven moves at your hand when the last cheery peeps in the entry gate of the exit passage. As the exit route moves, it would take a minimum of seven moves more for the cheery to reach the exit gate if you do not crush any candy from the passage. So, keep a straight eye on the remaining move numbers.

The Last word on Completing Candy Crush Level 1374!

Try to combine all the tactics. It would take 4 to 5 matches to beat the level. And do not forget that it is a tough level, you have to very carefully for each move. Resources: Alternative Game Like this game.

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