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candy crush level 149

Make plus, T or L shapes by candy crush level 149

Candy crush level 149 is an alphabet level because the level makes candies in plus, T or L shapes. The five same color candies combine and make plus forms or l shapes. This level principal object has removed all candies. You will try to get wrapped and wrapped together. Now You have only 35 moves or less . You will have to achieve 120000 points and three stars. In this level, you need to collect ten striped and 99blues candies.

Here is given some object candy crush level 149

candy crush level 149

  1. Make combine five candies
  2. Make plus, L or T shapes with five candies
  3. Only 325 moves
  4. Primary object remove all chocolate
  5. Primary target 30000 points
  6. Finally, target 120000 points
  7. Achieve 23 stars
  8. Clear 99 blue candies
  9. Ten striped and get wrapped and wrapped together
  10. The level indicates difficult


In level 871 it includes some object. The lengthy discussions are writing below:-

Make combine five candies

candy crush 149

Candy crush level 149 makes combine five candies. The candy 149  is called alphabet level. Because of this level make alphabet shapes. Usually, 3 or more candy made combine and clear them. But when you make combine 5 or more candies, you get extra points. So this is very useful and very effective in the level.

Make plus, L or T shapes with candies

Level 149 make plus, L or T shapes with five candies. Make plus shapes with five candies and get more points. And you make L shapes and get more points. If you also make T shapes you get a lot of benefit and point. You will get 200 points. It is different level in candy crush games.

Primary object remove all chocolate with 35 moves

In this stage, the primary objective is to remove all chocolate quickly. Only 35 moves or less you cleared all candy. If you do not adequately use in 35 moves, you will eliminate this level.

Ten striped and get wrapped and wrapped together also clear 99 blue candies

candy crush 149 level

This level your task is to create ten striped and get wrapped together too clear 99 blue candies. Developing combine wrapped and wrapped together is complicated. Follow how the candies each time with a move. When you removed wrapped candies, your game becomes, and you create one by one like ten striped. If you create a substantial striped candy, instead of you lift a massive amount of blue candies.

Achieve primary and finally target

First, your target is 30000 points. You will fight for 320000 points for one star. Then your destination is going to be 90000 points for two stars. When you heat the target finally your goal becomes 120000 points for three stars. It is the least secure in the level. So if you pass this level, you must achieve 120000 points.

Thus, candy crush level 149 indicates a hard level. If you follow the strategy, the level becomes more natural. So enjoy this game.

Difficulty Of The candy crush level 149

A lot of chocolate stays the down of the board. Within only 30 moves you need to remove all the blockers and have to collect 24 chocolate square, 65 blue candies, and 5 striped candies. To remove the blockers you should follow some strategy. You need to remove first the chocolate. Because the chocolate may hinder to bring down the ingredients. Then try to remove the three-layered icing. The three-layered icing attack the colorful candies.

Strategy Of The candy crush level 149

Try to make vertical striped candy. The vertical striped candies help to remove the chocolate in rows. With five colors candies to make special candies is very easy. The special candies can collect the blue candies and striped candies order. Make a color bomb to use special candy, the color bomb helps to collect the chocolate orders. If you get an opportunity, try to create the wrapped candy. Because the wrapped candy can collect them all orders. To get the additional benefit you can mix wrapped candy with wrapped candy or color bomb with striped candy or color bomb with wrapped candy. You should collect the blue candies order in the last of the stage. Because to collect blue candies order is very easy and to collect the order you do not face any trouble. With special candies, you can collect the blue candy. The five colors candies try to make combined with L, T or V shapes. The special shapes can make blue candy.


Qu:- what is total points in level 149?

Ans:- in level 149, the total point is 120000.

Qu:- how many blue candies would have collected?

Ans:- three are 99 blue candy would have collected.

Qu:- can I use my booster for candy crush level 149?

Ans:- yes I should use all booster that in your arsenal.

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