A Full Strategy to Beat Candy Crush Saga Level 409 Step by Step Guide

In every step, you need the right approach. If you have a good plan and a good strategy you will get a stage to win ahead. Candy crush level 409 to win the game also needs a full approach. If you forward with technique and strategy you succeed in the level. There are two ingredients and only 50 moves or fewer. Two blockers have seen the level 409. There are five color candies in the level like red, yellow, blue, green, purple — totally 66 space you have. Let’s know more about how to to Beat Candy Crush saga Level 409:

candy crush level 409

You need to reach 20000 points= one star and then 80000 points= two stars and finally 95000 points= three stars. It locates polkapalooza episode. You should also destroy the cake bomb. By cake bomb ingredients are blocked. So always try to remove it and make special candies.

how to Win Candy Crush level 409

To Win Candy Crush Level 409: The Main Characteristics (objective):

candy crush saga level 409 strategy to win
Level 409 have some individual characteristics. I will show you the main characteristics below:-

  1. Two ingredients and 50 moves.
  2. Two blockers have seen in this level.
  3.  Five colors candies.
  4. Totally 66 spaces.
  5.  You need to reach 20000 points= one star, 80000 points= two stars and 95000 points= three stars.
  6.  It locates polkapalooza episode.
  7. All ingredients need to bring down.
  8. By bomb, cake ingredients blocked.
  9. Always try to remove the bomb cakes.
  10. Always try to make special candies and removed them.
  11.  When you removed all the ingredients, sugar crush is active and increase your points.
  12. The color bomb would have destroyed.

Two ingredients and 50 moves

Candy crush 409 level locates polkapalooza episode. It has two ingredients and 50 moves or less. You should all the ingredients bring down. You should remember that about 50 moves is your challenge and complete your level with 50 moves or less. So use them properly.

Two blockers have seen in this level

candy crush level 409

Two blockers have seen in the level. You fight against two blockers. You broke down the blockers. It is difficult to remove the two blockers but not impossible. So try to remove first the blockers.

Five colors candies

There are five colors candies. All colors are red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Always try to make special candies and removed them. The all five colors candies will be clear. You get total 66 space. In 66 space you need to clear them.

Always try to remove the bomb cake

Still, work to lifting the bomb cake. The bomb cake obstructs to win. So you always try how bomb cake will ruin. The bomb cake and the color bomb will destroy.

Target points and stars

candy crush level 409 no boosters

Primary target gives you 20000 points, and when you achieve 20000 points you achieve one star, and then your destination gives 80000 points, and when you make 80000 points you complete two stars, and finally, target gives you 95000 points and when you achieve 95000 points, you achieve three stars and pass the level.

After all, candy crush level 409, indicates difficult. But when you play with a strategy, you achieve to win.

The Difficulty Of The candy crush level 409

The level is very confusing level. In the level, the teleporter may be confusing you. If you are lucky, the teleporter may help you. If you are unlucky, the teleporter may create the problem. You can see stuck zone or dead zone the middle point of the board. The cake bomb is the main problem in the level. If you do not want to destroy the bomb, then you will not be able to destroy it. And if the ingredients don’t get down, you will fail this level.

Tips Of The candy crush level 409

Try to remove the blockers. To remove the blockers you have 35 moves. Within 35 moves you must collect the ingredients order and remove the blockers. You need to remove the cake bomb first. Try to make two striped candy to remove the cake bomb. After removing the cake bomb you can bring down the ingredients. The vertically striped candy help also to remove the cake bomb. Read More: Cheats and Tips to solve Candy Crush level 413.

To remove the marmalade you can combine striped candy with a color bomb. To collect the ingredients order you can mix wrapped candy with a striped candy. They help to boost your scores. The five colors candies are very useful to collect the ingredients.


Qu:- how much total space in level 409?

Ans:- there is 66 space in the level.

Qu:- which ingredient you first remove?

Ans:- I always try first to remove the two blockers.

Qu:- which episode you see in level 409?

Ans:- in polkapalooza episode I find in level 409. Now its easy to crack this level. want to get past this game? please follow instruction below:

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Do you have any question about how to pass, how to beat,  how to complete, how to solve, how to win or how to cross,the Candy Crush 409 level game? Please make a comment to get more solution and strategy to play about the Candy Crush saga level 409 tips, cheats, game guide, hack, help, hints, solution, tutorial, and walkthrough.

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