candy crush level 76 a to z step by step guide

Many people fail to in candy crush level 76. They thought that 100000 point is too long and only 33 moves are too short. So they feel they hesitate and become looser. Firstly you don’t fight for 100000 points. First, you compete for 30000 points= 1 star. When you achieve 60000 points= two stars, and finally you will fight for 100000 points= three stars. The three ingredients ran in the left hand and then the right hand. Firstly three ingredients run left-hand side to the top and then run right hands side to the top sight. The two ingredients work on the right side. You should start left side first and then right side. All the ingredients need to bring down. Make special candies to be clear. Never wastes your moves and times.

Some important object in candy crush level 76 is given below


There are many objects in level 76. But we uphold the important and essential object in below:-

  • Three ingredients and 33 moves only.
  • First work in left and then right and last one is top.
  • It locates Easter bunny hills.
  • It types of difficult
  •  You have to achieve 30000 points= 1 star, 60000 points= 2 stars and finally 100000 points= 3 stars target.
  •  All the ingredients need to bring down.
  •  Make special candies and cleared them.
  •  Never wastes your moves.
  • Never wastes your time.
  •  Always focus on combos candies.

The three ingredients and 33 moves

In level 76 the three ingredients and 33 moves are here. You play with three ingredients and 33 moves or less. So have to never wastes your moves because it is very part to win the game.

Three ingredients work in different

candies crush 76

The three ingredients are works different. First, you work one ingredient in left areas then you work in the right areas, and finally you work in left top regions. The two ingredients in left and the other most significant ingredient work in right.

Makes special candies and cleared them

Always try to make special candies and have to remove them. Always focus on combos candies. Don’t miss the combos. This level booster work usually.

Reach in target points

candies crush 76

Firstly you will reach 30000 points= 1 star. When you got 1 star, then your target become 60000 points= two stars and when you got it finally your destination become 100000 points= three stars. When you got to achieve this, you pass the level. So three-star is a successful stair for the level.

Finally, the game is different than any other level, because it has three ingredients. There are a few levels which have three ingredients. Candy crush 76 level locates hard.


Qu:- how much ingredients in level 76?

Ans:- there are three ingredients.

Qu:- what is the process to play with ingredients?

Ans:- first you play left areas then you play in right areas, and finally you play in left top areas with ingredients.

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