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‘Rainbow Tail’ Wants to Be ‘Candy Crush Plus Pokemon’ and Is Looking for Testers

Candy Crush Plus Pokemon The programmers of Rainbow Tail have a proposal for you: if you are bored

with Candy Crush Saga, you need to have a look at Rainbow Tail instead. This game attempts to combine

Candy Crush using Pokemon-like mechanics and dress it up in adorable art. The game’s monsters are

known as Gemlings, and you’re able to collect, train, and evolve them. There is already hundreds of these,

and much more are planned to discharge every month. The game provides single player campaign together

with branching chapters and side quests, therefore it ought to feel much more like an RPG than a straightforward match-3

Rainbow Tail seems interesting, though the Gemlings might seem a little too much like Pokemon. If you are interested in checking out the game and assisting the programmers perfect it, then go over here to subscribe to the Beta. Expect the game to discharge Fall of 2017.

Candy Crush Plus Pokemon Crush hour Van driver shamed by a video on the internet revealing him enjoying Candy Crush in the wheel around the M62 through rush-hour

A VAN driver was shamed by means of a video online revealing him playing mobile game Candy Crush onto a motorway.

Biker Brett Mullineaux captured him onto his helmet camera at the center lane throughout rush-hour.

Brett, 44, of Oldham, said: “It is absolutely incredible. My very first thought was ‘what an idiot’.

“I pulled up alongside him and looked over and only watched him swipe over The display like he had been playing a match — I think that it was Candy Crush.


“It was only the idea of placing another individual’s life in danger just for additional points on Candy Crush.

“This was only after the coming of the new laws for six points along with also a #200 fine too.

Candy Crush Plus Pokemon “Is it really worth obtaining those for additional points on Candy Candles for all those six things on your licence? I really don’t think so.

“He had both hands on the middle of the wheel. He had been enjoying with the Match by swiping it with his balls,

and his palms were holding the wheel keeping it stable.”

‘Is it really worth obtaining those for additional points on Candy Crush for all those six things on your license?

‘ asked Brett. ‘I do not believe so’

The offender was doing 45mph on the M62 at Greater Manchester, on a stretch restricted to 50mph as

a result of road works.

Candy Crush Plus Pokemon He had been driving a van covered in advertisements for Alpha Fire Engineering.

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