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Candy Crush Saga Game’s Hardest Level

candy crush saga game If you look around you, you may find many of your friends and also relative is stuck on the new interesting android candy crush saga game. Because of its high quality of IQ knowledge, this game is more popular to the young generation. You will get the different stage in this game. All of this need to clear, if you want to play the difficult stage. Without completing any of them, you can’t go to the next one. Generally, the stage which needs to play in the initial stage is more easy to play. By playing this easy level, you gather experience and able to complete the difficult stage. You will face some difficult stage while playing this game. Without applying your special technique, you can’t complete these stage.

There are most probably 1 to 2400 stage are found after completing candy crush saga game download. The stage which can’t complete without applying a special technique. From the bellow part of the article, you can know which special technique need to apply to complete these difficult level.

  • candy crush saga game Level 70

Level 70 is the first difficulty level you may face but don’t worry. There is a special technique to solve this stage. You will find jelly in here. The special technique is you need to complete all the jelly within first 45 moves. Otherwise, it is quite for you difficult to go ahead in your candy crush saga game.

  • Level 76

This is another hardest level after completing level 70. There is also a special tricky system which can be followed to complete this stage. You need to clear all the ingredients of this stage within 33 moves. Moreover, this procedure makes your game easier.

  • Level 130

In your candy crush saga game, level 130 is another interesting level of its difficulty and also the characteristics of its challenge. To complete this stage, you need to collect five striped and striped. And another issue is that you need to collect 20,000 points in first 40 moves. But you must have a complete plan to implement this issue.

  • Level 147

Level 147 is quite a difficult stage of candy crush saga game. But I think you shouldn’t worry because this is not more difficult than level 130. The special technique to solve this stage is to collect 125,000 points in first 50 moves.

  • Level 350

This is the next difficult step where you may face difficulty. I suggest you clear all the jelly within 60 moves. Otherwise, it is completely impossible to end this stage for you.

  • Level 740

This is the last level where you may face difficulties. Here you see 2 layered 13 jellies. You need to clear these within 50 moves. Moreover, you need to gain 20,000 points within this move. Otherwise, it is quite difficult for you to continue you this game.

Completing the above level is the most difficult after candy crush saga game download on your android device.

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