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Candy Crush Saga level 1642

The one help you need to crack Candy Crush Saga level 1642

Few months after Candy Crush Saga level 1642 debuted, its players (I included) complained of

how it boring it hard become. Some of us who enjoy mobile games had even started searching

for alternative games on Play Store and App Store. We were dying to have more interesting games

worth spending our time.

Then King (the Candy Crush Saga) heard our complaints. They added Candy Crush Saga level 1642 ,

as part of the Marzipan Mine episode. This turned around our hunger for the game and turned

it into a struggle.

If you are like me, you have enjoyed the different challenges added to Candy Crush Saga and

have struggled to counter Candy Crush Saga level 1642 . This level is not just about switching

candies and winning points.

The actual
meaning of the name Saga, which means working your way out of each level to a higher one,

is tested at this stage. It is a challenge that gives complete satisfaction

(I felt like I had conquered a life challenge) is you miraculously maneuver to

Candy Crush Saga level 1642 .

The hardest things about Candy Crush Saga Level 1642

This level does not have more rows that other levels neither is its board technically

smaller or larger than others. However, Candy Crush Saga level 1642  is filled with certain obstacles and an intentionally

complicated playing field, which makes achieving the required objective challenging.

Although the level requires you to achieve one objective, it’s a tussle to do so.

You are required to move the provided ingredients to the bottom of the board using only 35 moves or less.

The ingredient at this level is a cherry, which is confiscated in the little boxes.

Your task is to play around with other candies until the cherry can touch the bottom of your screen. You have to thank King because the moves were only 30 before struggles like me complained and the moves were added.

The game actually became more challenging after King introduced teleport.

You have to use this dummy tools to move your candies from one spot to

another in a direction that favors you. Unlike in previous stages,

you can hardly achieve your goal without putting the teleports in your winning equation.

So forget about just switching candies positions on your screen.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you on the verge of giving up with Candy Crush because level 1642 nearly demands your soul to crack. But worry not. You are in the right place. Here, I’ll describe to you tips and cheats for Candy Crush 1642 level.

I have prepared four Candy Crush Saga 1642 cheats to help you move to the next stage. You can also pass the favor to a colleague. Don’t keep this 1642 all help to yourself.

My Solution to Candy Crush Saga level 1642

Cheat 1. First observe the basic Candy Crush Saga principle, but more carefully If you have managed to reach level 1642 of Candy Crush, you already know the basic principle of the game.

To match at least three similarly-colored candies. At level 1642, carefully matching your candies  provides you with a chance to let the teleports move your cherry from a top spot to a bottom one, thus putting you closer to your goal. You have to be careful to make sure that you match your candies only in a way that works towards your goal.

Cheat 2. Preserve your candies in whatever way you can Candy Crush Saga level 1642 only has 35 moves and this moves can deplete faster than you think. Although I think they should not limit the number of moves for Candy Crush 1642 owing to its difficulty, it just happens as with all other stages.

In just a blink and you have 10 moves remaining with the cherry nowhere near the bottom of the board. If you do it right, you’ll only do a single round, which was my intention writing this Candy Crush 1642 all help.

Cheat 3. Get obstacles off your way Candy Crush level 1642 Level 1642 is graciously blessed with notoriously packed obstacles; which King refers to as icing. At first, I used to underrate this little squares at first until they had made do rounds at this level
unsuccessfully. Although the icing beautifies the playing board (in my view), they are meant to snatch away your moves and leave you with nothing to achieve your goal. So, the earlier you do away with them, the better.

However, you have to be careful not to be consumed with clearing the icing as they are not your main goal. I did that severally as I did not have cheats or tips on how to overcome Candy Crush Saga level 1642. Nonetheless, it will be a nightmare if your cherry lands on an some icing.

Cheat 4. Make your work easier

As bad as you want to get the cherry to the bottom, you have to be conscious that your moves can be

exhausted just when you are 99% done. I can bet you the resultant feeling is worse than tying the level

10s of times unsuccessfully. Case in point, preserve your moves. Color bombs and special candies

normally work magically in doing this job.

You, therefore, have to strive and create a few of them. You already know how they look like to easily notice them.

If you don’t, the special candies are either stripped or wrapped while the color bombs are sort of

a multi-colored ball.

I was able to create these lifesaving tools by first opening up the right side of the playing board.

This means first playing with the candies on the right side of your screen,

Candy Crush Level 130

since I have notice they are likely to yield you either special candies or color bombs.

As you do this, you’ll be pulling the cherry to you bait, as the teleports will be moving towards the bottom.

Before you try your luck I have somehow cleared your way in trying your luck with

Candy Crush Saga level 1642  of Candy Crush Saga.

However, you do not want to take these cheats and tips as a procedure.

Don’t follow the Candy Crush tips from the first to the last hoping the cherry will magically touch the bottom.

You have to master all of the cheats as you play.

You have to bring all the cheats into play at every single move of your game.

For instance, you do not focus on opening up your right side and forget to clear the icing.

You have to make the Candy Crush cheats work to your favor based on your stage.

Candy Crush Saga level 1642 is only interesting if you are thinking, which is the whole point.

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