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5 Easy Ways to Quick Score in Candy Crush Saga

Among all other android game candy crush saga is one of the popular ones. There are a lot of reason for which this game is popular to the young generation. Because of its interesting puzzle system and additionally its social competition. This game is connected with social media just like facebook, google++ etc. So many users are involved in a competition to scoring this game. Are you new in this game? Don’t worry. There are some easy ways by following these you can score quickly in your candy crush saga and make competition with your friend.

There is total 2400 stage in this game. Here 5 easy ways are mentioned bellow by which you can score quickly and complete 2400 stage of candy crush saga.

You may find several candies to crush at a time. But it is wise to crush candy from the bellow. If you follow this rules, it provides a chance to crush multiple candies with a single move. Moreover, the another advantage is this procedure can save your time.

  • Boost up your Points with Sprinkle Candy

Sprinkle candy is the golden chance to boost up your score in the game candy crush saga. These special candies seem to be delicious one in the game candy crush saga. If you can combine this candy with standard one, it is possible to remove all the candies with the same color. Absolutely, this is one of the tricky ways to boost up your score. Moreover, there is also another tricky thing with this. Try to remove your sprinkle candies at the ending period of the stage. And see how quickly you can score.

  • Remove the Chocolate Square as Early as Possible

You will definitely find some chocolate square in the stage of your candy crush saga game. While finding them, your first intention will remove the chocolate square as early as possible which provide you extra opportunity to score quickly. Moreover, after removing these you can easily plan your moves while playing candy crush saga.

  • Make a Plan to complete the Stage

Without having a plan, you can’t complete any of your activities. Though you can complete your task, I ensured you that this will not become up to the mark. So planning is also mandatory for clearing any stage of candy crush saga. Since it is a puzzle based game, you have to make a good plan to complete any stage.

  • Never Follow the Suggested Move

There is a special feature of this game. If you don’t find your next move or don’t go for your next move for a certain period, then a bot will give suggestion to the next possible move. In the first sense, you seem that it is quite good for you. But I suggest you that to find you another best move. If you go with the bot suggestion move your game plan will not work. So try to play this game manually.

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