Candy Crush Saga Game Review for Android and iOS

Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile games of recent few years with a lot of complements around mobile gamers from the globe. It’s a Match Three game that aims at swapping two adjacent gems from the gameboard to gain a three matching color gems. It’s split into many levels with new features in each level.

candy crush saga game free download

In today’s review, we are going to have a details analytical report based on both gameplay and critics analysis and provide candy crush game free download links for all versions and device platforms.

Download Free Game Candy Crush Saga for PC
Download Free Game Candy Crush Saga for PC

Candy Crush Game Overview

  • Game Genre:
  • Release Date: 12th April 2012
  • Game Developer & Publisher: King Digital Entertainment plc
  • Versions: Mobile- Android, iOS, Windows Phone (Mobile). Computer- Facebook, Windows 10.
  • Standard Age Limit- 13+ years.
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga Download: Free

Candy Crush Saga- The Storyline

The Beginning

As you are done with candy crush apk free download and launch the app, the game will invite you to join with two of the charming character of the game- Mr. Tiffi and Mr. Toffee. They will take you out on a tour to the world of candy. Many games of this genre have quite similar features to the app. The task of the game saga game is to match three or more of the sweets and gather points and bonuses as well. The more sweets and candies you match, the more points you collect to faster your progress to the game.

The Progression and Promotion

candy crush soda saga game download for android mobile

In candy crush soda saga, you will be awarded three stars depending on your performance in each level.

In case you don’t get the three-star score in any level, you an immediately return to it to have the perfect score over again.

This game also provides a health score to the gamer. If you screw up in the game level,

you have five chances to start over, and once you are running out of chances,

you have to either stop the game or wait for the life level to increase.

Also, another way to improve health/life is to beg to your Facebook friend or spend some real money.

These options may seem useless to you for now, but if you become a serious fan of the game,

sometimes the difficulty level of it will ramp up. IN that case, even these options to move forward will look attractive. And that;s the way the app developer warns real cash of tremendous marketing and advertising at Facebook.

What Made Candy Crush Different from Other Puzzle Games?

Why candy crush saga is Different from Other Puzzle Games
The Best Puzzle Games for You (supports PC, Mac, Android and iPhone Version)

Firstly, after you are done with candy crush game free download and start playing, you will figure out that the game levels of the game are remarkably varied with twists and mysteries. If you have heard about Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, the game is almost like that. You never know what you are going to get!

Secondly, The appealing and bright game visuals are the second best feature of it. It has got colorful tiles that consist of sweets and candies such as gumdrops, jelly beans, gummies and lot more. As these candies are appealing to people of any age, gender or location, The game has been able to become massively popular and create a permanent appeal for an extended period worldwide.

candy crush saga full version free download for android with review
candy crush saga full version free download for android with review

Candy Crush Soda Saga- What Is Good?

As the game has been one of the most popular mobile and online games, there is an extensive list of positive facts to mention. Here are the top facts that we love about the game mobile app-

  • Cross Platform Mobility and Flexibility
    The app allows the user with a facility to pick the game up and continue from where he stopped last time. Even that be done with whatever device you have in your hands. All you have to do is to simply connect to your Facebook account and log in. You can continue gameplay from several devices consecutively just by candy crush game free download from playstore or iTunes etc.
  • A Social Interaction with Friends
    The game connects to your Facebook accounts and nine other games; it provides a comparative data between players from friendslist. You can complete, invite or share your game level and score with your Facebook friends whenever you want. This feature has made the game more interactive.

Candy Crush Soda Saga- What is Bad?

Now apart from the pros, the game has also got some cons that we are focusing on the right in this section of the game review-

  • Extremely Addictive Features
    What made the game more addictive than any other mobile game of this genre is the Cross-platform. When you are running out of charge on our phone, you can pick p the tablet phone and continue. And when the tablet is also gone, just go to your PC and continue from where you stopped last time.
  • Pushes Aggressively to App Purchase
    Secondly, what we don’t like about the game is it aggressively pushes the user to purchase the app and spend real money. In the game, players are given with a limited number of lives, and as soon as they fail to accomplish one level, the lose one life. Upgrading powers and purchasing lives costs way more than one dollar. Which is quite unlikely for a puzzle game like this.

Our Rating
Ease of Gameplay: 7.00 out of 10.

Consumerism: 9.00 out of 10.

Violence: 0.00 out of 10.

Sexual Content: 0.00 out of 10.

Educational Value: 4.00 out of 10.

Drugs, Smokes or Drinks: 0.00 out of 10.

Language: 0.00 out of 10.

Download Free Game Candy Crush Saga for PC, Android & iPad:

For candy crush game free download, here are the direct links for different mobile and desktop platforms-

Candy Crush Saga Game Free Download for PC offline Installer 2019:

Supports on: Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

Note: No bluestacks is needed. Internet connection is essential to install the game. Please skip other software install when you will start installation (click on Decline)

Download here

Final Verdict:

The candy crush soda saga is a massively popular puzzle game with a lot of versatile features. It will create an impression on you in such a way that you will want to play through it as long as its possible. What we appreciate most is that yu can pick it from any device with much ease. But in the same time, when you are running out of lives, the game can take you anywhere to cost you some real money or letting the game intrude to your social life.

Overall, considering all the perspective, we think it’s the most appropriate mobile app for a few minutes entertainment, but we are firmly discouraging you to be much addicted with it. Happy Crushing!!


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