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Candy Crushing It: McDowell brothers appear on TV game show this Sunday

Candy Crushing 2 McDowell brothers will have their Opportunity to handle high-wire antics and

crushing candies to acquire a hundred grand in CBS’ new game series.

Matt Goley of both Marion and Tim Velez of Old Fort have been contestants with this week’s episode of

“Candy Crush,” airing this Sunday, July 30 in 9 p.m. on CBS.

Candy Crushing Velez, 26, has been granted The opportunity to compete along with his brother following

a rejection on the following game series become a golden chance for the McDowell duo.

Candy Crushing “I Was initially trying out for ‘Redneck Island’ on CMT this past year and in the time

I said was not what they were searching for,” said Velez. “Afterward, I got an email one year after stating

that CBS had been doing a game show edition of ‘Candy Crush’ and asked if I wanted to terrorize.

I informed them I did and then, I told them how I needed my own older brother because my spouse.”

Candy Crushing

Goley, 29, an Elevator mechanic by trade, was delighted to become Velez’s spouse and, after moving

through Skype interviews, providing wardrobe dimensions and shooting promotional photos,

soaked from the West Coast air once the duo was flown to California for a week.

“We Felt like actors,” Goley admits. “It had been the adventure of a life and that I was not gonna miss

a chance like this.”

The Series, debuting on July 9, is based on the wildly popular online and mobile program series

by King Digital Entertainment plc.. The first match, Candy Crush Saga, and its sequels follow a

classic tile-matching puzzle format: game three candy of the exact same type throughout the screen

and make points with every pairing, very similar to predecessors like Tetris and Bejeweled.

Candy Crush saga soda

Candy Crushing From the Live-action upgrade, hosted by Mario Lopez and developed by psychologist

Factor founder Matt Kunitz, the fundamental puzzle format of this game is improved with much more

complex, high-stakes components. Four groups in pairs of two compete in a series of obstacle courses

featuring giant touchscreens using the computerized candy and operate their way towards the last round.

Both teams staying with the maximum points square off at the end for the $100,000 grand prize.

Upon Arriving on place, the brothers were ignored by the hospitality and the general power of shooting

the incident involving the team, the tech and the host himself.

Candy Crushing “Mario was a fantastic man, just very pleasant,” said Velez. “Along with the contestants

and the team were simply amazing, really lovely and kind.”

“We Shot for eight hours to our incident and it was only bigger than life,” additional Goley. “To view all of

the stuff you would find on TV, all of the different groups, stunt men, the studio crowd. The collection was

amazing, with all of the gorgeous colours, all these touch screens and screens with the most recent technology.

And I am more silent and shy than that (Velez) is, and also the manufacturers and everyone

Candy crush soda

Goley And Velez recorded their event in June, initially slated, as stated by the brothers, to be the ninth or 10th episode in this season. According to The McDowell News, they detailed their strategy when they won the $100,000 prize.

Candy Crushing “We proposed on Helping our mom if we win,” said the brothers. “We have had a situation come up lately and she became our priority. Following that, we all were planning to divide the cash, pay off a few debts, possibly take our families on a railway, and distribute the wealth by devoting to our church and other causes.”

Whatever the outcome, Goley said appearing on the series along with his brother was the greatest takeaway.

Candy Crushing “Me And my brother could spend some much needed bonding moment, I managed to provide out a shout to my children any time they see it atmosphere. We could visit LA and meet some remarkable people, far more value $100,000.  Not only was it a boon to experience exactly what I did, but it was a blessing to get him right alongside me. I could not have asked for a better partner in the entire world”

Grab Matt Goley and Tim Velez on “Candy Crush” this Sunday at 9 p.m. on CBS. Check your regional listings.

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