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Stella’s Stars: Missy Lanning and Bubble Witch 3 Saga ,Give us your tips and win Gold Bars!

Missy Lanning Stella’s Stars: Missy Lanning
A week already!? Yes really, it’s time for Stella to disclose another of her stars. It’s the fantastic Missy Lanning this week. –
Missy Lanning is an internet style that records her life along with her partner as well as their two kids, in the event that you did understand.

Her amazing storylines and innocuous family antics have landed her around 2.5 million subs on YouTube. Ensure that you just get all her fairies at her house in Bubble Witch 3 saga.

Missy Lanning See Noodlerella and Ingrid Nilsen 3 Saga

Where we reveal some more of Stella’s wonderful stars it’s that time again! This week we’ve two of Noodlerella, Ingrid Nilsen and YouTube’s finest.

Ingrid Nilsen
Ingrid is a YouTube star that specialises in beauty and fashion. She’s been creating videos and began as a means to conquer her fear of public speaking. We are able to consider that anxiety well and really beat, as she now has over 16 million views!

Her knowledge of what’s what in the trend world has landed her nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on Instagram.


Master, voice Writer and actor, Noodlerella adores all things Disney, pink and Japanese!
Her great YouTube Channel is jam packed filled with hilarious, heartwarming and educational videos. Check her Pop Star Opinions out!

Need to say hi? Don’t forget to jump into Bubble Witch 3 Saga and see with Noodlerella’s houses and Ingrid’s and gather those bonus fairies!

Give us your suggestions and win Gold Bars!


We’re turning on the reins of the site for you, in our Candy Crush Saga Hints Opposition.

We figured, who understands Candy Crush much better? That, no one. Which is the reason we would like to mine the united might and wisdom of the King Care community for the best Candy Crush tricks Saga hints and strategies.

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candy crush game
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