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A full strategy to win candy crush level 409 step by step guide

candy crush level 409

In every step, you need the right approach. If you have a good plan and a good strategy you will get a stage to win ahead. Candy crush level 409 to win the game also needs a full approach. If you forward with technique and strategy you succeed in the …

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Make plus, T or L shapes by candy crush level 149

candy crush level 149

Candy crush level 149 is an alphabet level because the level makes candies in plus, T or L shapes. The five same color candies combine and make plus forms or l shapes. This level principal object has removed all candies. You will try to get wrapped and wrapped together. Now …

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candy crush level 76 a to z step by step guide

candy crush level 76

Many people fail to in candy crush level 76. They thought that 100000 point is too long and only 33 moves are too short. So they feel they hesitate and become looser. Firstly you don’t fight for 100000 points. First, you compete for 30000 points= 1 star. When you achieve …

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How to use candy crush boosters

candy crush boosters

A booster is always useful. if win candy crush game, candy crush boosters are plays a vital role. We do not play that game we have a helper our game becomes more comfortable. So when you play it, if you have to needs a booster and you know how booster …

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How to passing leisure time with candy crush 1808 level

candy crush 1808

This is the best way to moving your leisure with candy crush 1808 level. Enjoy several time, and this game is always perfect for everyone. Every game have contained a significant rule, and in this way, this game also has some control. Today I will show you how are hints …

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Achieve three stars and win candy crush 1232 level

candy crush level 1232

In a level, candy crush 1232 is based on stars. This level target is to achieve three stars. Candy crush game is most is most popular in the present world. So many peoples are playing this game regularly they increase their level. Like 1230, 1231, 1232 or more, etc. when …

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candy crush Level 871 Step by step ultimate guide with vidoes

candy crush Level 871

Candy crush 871 level has regularity. Mainly it is based on three ingredients. This level is a little bit different. Some keys are unlocked. The locked keys will have unlocked. This process one ingredient fall side and one is middle. To clear the icing candy the row and column all …

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A more accessible solution to complete candy crush 586 level

Candy crush 586 level

Today I will show you a more natural solution to achieve candy crush 586 level. This level is medium hard. So to win this game, you need a proper technique and strategy. If your method is perfect, your game must become more comfortable. There are two ingredients in the level …

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Candy crush Level 422 is fighting against chocolate spawners and popcorns

Candy crush Level 422

Candy crush Level 422 is most hard level. It makes hard in chocolate spawners. If the chocolate spawners don’t see the game becomes very easy. So this level we always try how to remove chocolate spawners. This level also has more problems. It has some popcorn. It will also remove …

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How To Win Candy Crush 1309 In Three Easy Steps.

Candy Crush 1309

Have you stuck on the Candy Crush Level 1309 ? Well, it’s natural to stuck on the level. When I was on the level, it cost a whole day of my life to clear it. Feelings of passing this beast level are not less than the feelings to cross the …

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