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How to Beat Candy Crush Level 1374 ?

Candy Crush Level 1374

Candy Crush level 1374 took one day to be crushed. This level was so much hard and irritating that I had to play it 15 times. Each match was different than other. At first, those cherries were floating on the upper lines. After a while, my cherries were at the …

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How to Beat on Candy Crush Level 1334?

Candy Crush Level 1334

Here comes the level of luck in the Candy Crush. When I first played this level, I spent two days to complete it. It was a devil one. How much I tried to clear the jellies, the spawned chocolates were covering up the whole candy frame. But after several tries …

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How to Pass on The Candy Crush 963 Level

How to Pass on The Candy Crush 963 Level

For the enthusiast people like me out there again I am here to talk about another hard level of the Candy Crush game. It’s been a while since I am playing this game. Now I am kind of addicted to Candy Crush 963 Level. After finishing my every day’s routine …

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Candy Crush Frog How to play? a ultimate a To Z guide

Candy Crush Frog

Candy Crush Frog saga is equally popular game for kids and adults, was released back in 2012 Numbers of people around the world play it on Facebook, iPhone, Android. The game is still free to play. Developers of the game are working out of the box for this game. The …

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The one help you need to crack Candy Crush Saga level 1642

Candy Crush Saga level 1642

Few months after Candy Crush Saga level 1642 debuted, its players (I included) complained of how it boring it hard become. Some of us who enjoy mobile games had even started searching for alternative games on Play Store and App Store. We were dying to have more interesting games worth …

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7 Result Driven Tips and techniques for candy crush level 130

candy crush level 130

The Candy Crush level 130 remains the 5th phase in Wafer Wharf. It is also known as the fifth candy order stage. Players will have striped candy combinations plus three striped candy in fifty movements or fewer step pass this amazing level. Candy Crush will be activated immediately when you …

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Candy Crush Saga Game Review for Android and iOS

Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile games of recent few years with a lot of complements around mobile gamers from the globe. It’s a Match Three game that aims at swapping two adjacent gems from the gameboard to gain a three matching color gems. It’s split into …

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