Tuesday , January 22 2019

Who else wants to be successful with candy crush 1513 level?

candy crush 1513 level

Every player wants to be successful with candy crush 1513 level. The level locates Lullaby Lake episode. The level types of candy order level. In the level, you need to collect two popcorn, ten striped candy, and thirty-eight licorice swirls. Only 43 moves are in the level. In four blockers …

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Remove double jelly blockers using a color bomb or striped in candy crush 1451 level

candy crush 1451 level

In candy crush 1451 level, remove double jelly blockers using a color bomb or striped. The level locates Divine Diner episode in jelly level. You need to clear 18 double jelly square within 50 moves or fewer. There are two blockers in the level. They are a magic mixer and …

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End the candy crush 1400 level with icon bug

candy crush 1400

In candy crush 1400 level you get icon bug. So end the level with icon bug. The icon bug shows the first version of the level. The level locates festive forest. The level is the 14th milestone in reality. You need to collect two ingredients — only 32 moves and …

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A Complete Solution To Pass The Candy Crush 1027 Levels

candy crush 1027 level

Today I will show you a perfect solution to pass the candy crush 1027 level. Level 1027 locates Luscious Lagoon episode. You need to collect six ingredients in the level. You will complete your level within 45 moves. Two blockers are in the level. The blockers are icing and five …

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The Secret Of Candy Crush 956 Levels A Definitive Guide

Candy Crush 956

Today I will share you the secret of candy crush 956 level. The level locates Cookie Crossing episode. The level types of jelly level. The level, you can see ten double jelly squares. You must complete your level within 30 moves. Only a blocker is in the level. The blocker …

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The lazy man’s guide to candy crush 723 levels

candy crush 723 levels

Today I will show you how lazy people can win the candy crush 723 level very quickly. Candy crush level 723 locates Boneyard Bonanza episode. The level types of ingredients level. You need to collect in two ingredients. Only 50 moves or fewer are in the level. There are three …

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Candy Crush 690 Level With 31 Conveyor Belts

candy crush 690

It can be said that the candy crush 690 level of the conveyor belt level episode. It covers 31 spaces conveyor belts. So try to remove the conveyor belt. The level locates Choco Rio Grande. To pass the level, you must collect one ingredient and one cherry within only 42 …

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candy crush 680 levels To bring down, all the ingredients used in a vertical stripe

candy crush 680 level

In candy crush 680 level, you must bring down all the ingredients use in vertical stripe or color bomb. Vertical stripe or color bomb is in a booster. So if you want to bring down all the ingredients, you need to use in a booster in the level. The level …

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A Variable Level Is Candy Crush 674 Level

candy crush 674 level

Candy crush 674 level is a variable level. The level locates Crunchy Courtyard episode. The level has two ingredients. Only 35 moves and 71 spaces are in the level. There is one blocker in the level. The blocker is licorice lock. There are some features in the level. The features …

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The Ultimate Guide To Candy Crush 656 Level

Candy Crush 656 Level

In candy crush, 656 level locates Fizzy Falls episode. The level has four double jellies square. You need to remove all the jelly square. In the level, you need to collect in six orders. You need to collect six wrapped candy. Within 30 moves or fewer, you will complete your …

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