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Paradise Bay Top Tips Competition Stella’s final stars revealed!

Paradise Bay – Help is Here!
Ahoy me mateys!

I would like to introduce myself…

I’m Cap’n Malarkey and I used to be the most feared pirate in all the seven seas!

I’d go from coast to coast causing chaos wherever I could.
Paradise Bay
Nowadays yet, things be a bit more grounded. Me wooden legs are rotten and of scouring the oceans, my days are behind me, I prefer instead to learn more about the properties in the ease of me own armchair beside me having a good jar o’ Rumfustian.

Paradise Bay

I came across this small jewel of a game called ‘ and Paradise Bay shiver me lumbers’ it’s wondrous!

Sadly, me researching abilities ain’t a patch on which they used to be and I want just a little guidance from time to time.

I’ve located the perfect spots fer yer if, like me, you must learn about yer crafting, Tradefests or the best way to uncover those hidden treasures subsequently!

There’s a fantastic community website where the habitants are consistently friendly and ready to help outside each other. Show a leg and join up!
So don’t join the experiences and walk the plank look at these links! I am now able to investigate the properties understanding someone has this ol’ seadogs back!

I get back to my Rumfustian.

Signin’ away!

Cap’n Malarkey

Paradise Bay Top Tips Contest: winners announced!

The Candy Crush Saga Top Tips contest is currently finished. The community came out in force and we had suggestions and some excellent entries. After a shouting match careful deliberation or two and perhaps… some tears, we finally have chosen our winners.

In glorious First Place is the sage wisdom of Nicky Pratt Nunn, whose suggestion could save from frustration:

“Keep as these can have a while to finish and be quite frustrating in the event that you save boosters upward for all these degrees you get an excellent head start any boosters to make use of on the tough amounts

In strong and a wholesome Second Place will be the exalted words of power from one Celina Henderson:

“Learn to understand patterns that create wrapped sweets. By beginning using a colour bomb alongside a wrapped candies start tough amounts. It is possible to do that on devices that are cellular. You are given a superb beginning by the first explosion. Then give attention to the underparts of the the board to generate cascades.”

And in a cherished Third Position and a greatly revered is that this knowledge bomb by Cody Razer.


“Constantly look at all potential moves and don’t simply rush moves. play as a game of chess and try and believe a move or 2 ahead…”

Paradise Bay We trust you relish your fantastic in-game prizes!

We believed it’d be a pity to let a few of the popular fire visit waste because we had so many astonishing tricks. Here are some honorable mentions from a number of the best possible members of our King Care community.

Paradise Bay Honourable mentions

We are schooled by Marcia Higgins on the energy of continuity!

“To overcome on the hearts on a degree that is timed, the moment you lose, play with it. Lose, play instantly. Play with it, play with it, play with it. Do not worry about the score. You see the routines will relax, and get your target score.”

Paradise Bay Ilana Masad is a master tactician. Sit, listen, learn…

“Finest hint/trick: Strategize in accordance with the challenges. Weekend challenges frequently call for gathering striped candies, as an example, and also the more new degrees you pass in this challenge, the more striped candies you will earn (because your striped sweet gets counted at 10x when you pass new degrees). So refrain from passing a lot of new degrees through the week, because moving forward is not the most rewarding outside that specific challenge, and the higher you go, the more difficult the amounts are – so keep yourself at the simplest possible place during the week in order to move forward and gather more striped candies during the weekend.”

Paradise Bay Hoppel Poppel reminds us that the nuclear alternative may also be the most powerful…

“If you must take out the jelly of single standing squares, it may be opportune to make explode a colour bomb than to unite it having a striped or wrapped sweet … the exploding bomb will get rid of the shade with the majority of sweets on the plank!”

Once more, thank you. Itself wills propagate and reinforce our Sweet powers to levels unthinkable! Or they may simply help someone pass two or a grade. It’s a win-win either way.

Keep your eyes glued to King take care of details about another contest.

Paradise Bay Stella’s closing stars shown!

The final two of Stella’s Stars are disclosed. Say hello to Roxxsaurus and the Ballinger Family!

Roxxsaurus, Beauty blogger, creates incredible make-up tutorials on her YouTube Channel that is incredibly popular. In the event that you haven’t seen them, you should definitely check them out. You’ll and a short while in be contouring those cheekbones just like a professional!


Paradise Bay Ballinger Family
All round entertainer and magician, Christopher Ballinger, his wife Jessica and all manner of superb gifted relatives constitute the Ballinger Family. Their station is full of adorable family moments making use of their children, amazing magic tricks and general hilarity!

It’s possible for you to see with all the incredible characters in game and accumulate bonus fairy dust to invest in your residence. Exactly what is it that you’re awaiting? Get crack-a-lacking!

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