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How to create and sync a Kingdom account and Is your browser ready for HTML5?

sync a Kingdom The best way to make and sync a Kingdom account

Kingdom reports really are a. They allow you link with other King players and to synchronize your game advancement across multiple devices.

Joining your game and making a Kingdom account means you will not lose your in-game progress!

For instance, in the event you have reached amount 121 in Candy Crush Saga in your telephone, it is possible to change to another telephone or computer, log in your account and begin with that amount – anytime, anyplace!

Creating an account is simple! See this helpful video to get a complete rundown of the procedure.

sync a Kingdom Is the browser prepared for HTML5?

sync a Kingdom You might have seen words like Flash and HTML5 . Do n’t be scared, we are here to clarify the way in which they impact you and the things they are!

Flash and hTML5 are only distinct technologies which can be utilized to create and produce things that is amazing like games and videos, online.

Flash continues to be the standard but change is coming! HTML5 is a newer technology that’s more efficient, quicker and much more safe for your apparatus as well as you personally.

sync a Kingdom We should ensure that our players possess the very best experience throughout 2017, we’re converting our games on the Realm as well as Facebook to run on desktop computer in HTML5.

Exactly what does this mean for you personally?

sync a Kingdom HTML5 is prone to security threats. It’s also less intensive in your pc, that’ll make your games run quicker!

And that means you are going to need certainly to ensure your browser is compatible some older browsers don’t completely support HTML5.

sync a Kingdom The great news is the fact that most modern browsers are HTML5 compatible. The better news is the fact that if yours isn’t, it’s very simple to download one that’s!

In the event that you intend to test whether your browser is HTML5 compatible, you are able to check with this page Then you certainly ought to be good in case your browser reaches a score of 450 points or even more! Otherwise, you try installing another HTML5 prepared, browser, upgrade your present browser or might want to either.

What browsers does one recommend?

sync a Kingdom There are lots of options of browser and every offer something a bit different, however when all is said and done, you would like to ensure it’s optimised for content that is HTML5.

We recommend you use among these browsers to receive the best experience when playing with our games.

Recommended Browsers

(windows and mac)

(windows only)

sync a Kingdom Candy Crush Soda Saga simply (in case you are employing an older version than Windows10)

You might already have among the browsers that are recommended, amazing! It helpful to be sure you maintain it up to date – only to keep everything running smoothly.

sync a Kingdom To check that the browser has all the most recent updates, look at the next link In the event the browser isn’t up to date then just click on the Upgrade button to set up the most recent version!

You need to now have all you have to be sure to are compatible and can take pleasure from our games without gap.

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