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Say hello to Zach King! Introducing Stella’s Stars!

Say hello to Zach King!
The veil of fog was lifted and the first of Stella’s Stars has finally been shown. First up is the sorcerer of the latest social media himself Zach King, and digital wizard extraordinaire!

For anyone who aren’t in the know, Zach King creates spellbinding videos, where he uses digital editing

and special effects to make magic.

Zach King Zach plays with a life sized version of Bubble Witch 3 Saga!

His editing established sorcery has established a heroic following, 1.4 million subs on YouTube and 17.5 million followers on Instagram.

He using his magic skills all to air himself right to the sport! Don’t forget to check out Zach’s house in Bubble Witch and get the fairies in them procedure that is fostered.

Bubble Witches all around the globe, heed my call! Big things are occurring, thus in the event you all can turn down the fire in your cauldrons and point those wands in a secure direction, that will be bubblific.


Throughout April, we’re definitely going to be joined on our epic Bubble Witch 3 Saga by some

quite well-known mystery guests! Yes, I will hear you gasping in the rear in stunned shock, particularly you.

Well, you’re right to be amazed, dear friend in Bubble Witch 3 Saga, a few of the greatest names in

social media will soon be featured over the following month!

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You’ll have the ability to see with them in- scrutinize their houses, take a look at their customization

as well as gather particular fairies that have bonus Star Dust!

We ’ll show two YouTube stars plus Bubble will be taken over by them With 3 Saga. They’re going to have amazing videos, tricks and hints for each of the Bubble Witch 3 Saga universe!

Ensure you keep your eyes glued Facebook pages and 3 Saga Twitter as well as the King Care Website to remain up to date with each week’s star!

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